Hi, lovelies! How’s everyone? 
It’s been a long week for me but my group is finally done with our report.. which prolly explains why I wasn’t able to blog much for the past 2 weeks. Anyhoo, let’s start the weekend with a blog post. Shall we? πŸ™‚

Friendship does not end the moment you climb up the stage and receive your diploma. I still count my high school friends as my most trusted and valued friends. So even if most of them are in different schools and some are already starting their professional lives, we still try to schedule girl-to-girl bonding time every other month or so. And seeing how difficult it is to finally find the perfect time when all of us are free, I think it is just proper to also plan a better activity than just shopping and coffee or movie night. Heck no, it calls for much more than that!
So after careful evaluations on what my girl friends would love, I decided to share it with my readers as well. Everyone needs their own dose of girl time, right? *wink
If you and your friends are as kikay as me and my college roommates (who are also my high school buddies, btw), Glaminar Makeup Artisry definitely has a treat for you as they launch their new mineral basic workshop featuring Virginia Olsen and Ana Victorino next month, October.
Perfect for kikay girls!
I joined their Basic Makeup Workshop and it’s an understatement to say that I had fun. Oh my, with the makeup buffet Ate Myla prepared for the 1st batch, I could just stay there for days and try everything without thinking about food. LOL! And from the looks of it, she’s been adding more and more high end brands to the buffet! I seriously can’t wait to go back for the Advanced Makeup Workshop soon. πŸ™‚
But if you’re looking for a more intimate bonding time over makeup with your friends, you can arrange a private workshop for your group! Glaminar Makeup Artisry offers a more flexible schedule for group makeup workshops so be sure to check that out as well.
Of course, I also have this different group of friends from high school who aren’t really big for makeup. They’re more of the drooling-over-korean-boys kind of girls. Unlike my college roommates, my first group of friends from high school (way before I developed my love for makeup) enjoys watching and ogling at guys from our Koreanovela marathons. But we kinda outgrew that so nowadays, our normal get together is usually over coffee and a quick dinner. LAME!
But what better (and cheaper) way to reconnect with old friends than over a relaxing massage and mani-pedi, right? “Me” time and girl time all in one. Good thing La Reine Nail and Day Spa offers such affordable packages!
Who would’ve though bonding with your friends can be this de-stressing!!
I can already hear Jessie and Angie thanking me. LOL!
How about you, how do you normally spend time with your girl friends? πŸ˜€
Care to share? Just comment down below.

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid by any of the establishments mentioned above to post this.