More than a month ago, I was invited to attend Glaminar Makeup Artistry‘s 1st batch for basic makeup workshop. Glaminar Makeup Artistry is ate Myla’s new project (she also owns Fabshopaholic). It aims to be able to offer basic to advance (including airbrush) makeup to all makeup junkies out there. But for now, they only conduct basic workshops. I’ll be waiting for the advanced one. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Php 2600 for a 5-hr basic makeup workshop. 
All you have to bring is yourself since everything will be provided there.
So when Ate Myla invited me, I didn’t have the heart to decline. I was so excited!
The workshop was held on a Saturday, June 9. Good thing classes haven’t started yet because I usually have Law class on Saturday’s. The venue wasn’t difficult to find considering that I’m very poor in following directions. LOL! 
I came all the way from Laguna so I left our house 2 hours before the workshop just to give a bit of allowance in case I get caught in traffic. Luckily, I averted the traffic and arrived at the venue early. 
This is the 3rd makeup workshop I attended and Glaminar, by far, has the cutest setup. Ate Myla provided each participant with the top-of-the-line brush set from Beauty Cosmetics. They’re super soft and super girly. Ana, a co-student, wanted to buy some of the brushes while Eloisa of KikaysiMaria wanted to keep the vanity mirror. It was really fun hanging out with girls for a change. LOL!

My favorite part, the makeup buffet!
It’s like I died and went to makeup heaven!!
The perks of joining the first batch: everything was brand new and sealed!
We kept swatching and trying on the makeup. I love it! I got to try makeup  brands that I can’t afford. LOL!
And tons of freebies!
Huge paper bag full of freebies from Fabshopaholic.
And pouches + makeup products from ELF Cosmetic Philippines.
And oh! Ana of Makeup by Ana Patricia was the instructor. ๐Ÿ™‚
Yup, the talented and very kalog YouTube Guru, Ana Patricia, was the one who taught us that day. When I first saw her video on YT I thought, “That’s nice.. but not new, really.” But after meeting her and knowing more about her accomplishments at such an early age… wow. Not everyone is that talented. ๐Ÿ™‚
Like I said, I’ve been to two other basic makeup workshops before attending Glaminar’s workshop. But what sets Glaminar from the others is that, with Ana, I felt like I was watching different gurus in just one YT video. She taught us makeup tricks from different gurus that she learned through out the years as she educated herself about makeup. So it wasn’t just the expertise of one guru, it was like bits and pieces of different gurus.
I really love how Ana and Noe of Color is my Weapon do their brows. No matter how many times I watch their tutorials on grooming and drawing the brows, I don’t get the same result. *frustrated LOL!
See how perfectly groomed brows can change your look?
And of course, merienda from Conti’s.
Everything was so yummy! I think I had 2 or 3 of the brownies and 2 of the cream puffs. And also a serving of lasagna and tuna bread. I was so hungry.
After our merienda, it was time for us to apply everything we’ve learned from the discussion. We created a total of 3 looks: No makeup makeup, day makeup and smokey. As usual, Ate Myla, being her normal maalaga self, insisted on handing us whatever we want to use. We didn’t even have to stand to get the makeup we need. Plus, she kept serving us coffee while doing our makeup. Sweet!
The entire workshop took more or less 7 hours!
Ok, I was feeling a little vain after doing my makeup. Hence the mirror shot. LOL!
Eloisa and I shared work space. Since we were both eager to try the Naked palette, we ended up sharing it for the day and smokey look. We made quite a huge mess!
Ate Myla and I.
With Ana Patricia and Eloisa.
Participants with out loot bag from ELF.
More freebies from Fabshopaholic.
On my way home from the workshop, I was computing how much Ate Myla earned from that workshop and if it was really worth our money. So I did the math, don’t blame me. I’m an Accountancy student. LOL!
The workshop costs Php 2600
The unlimited food could not be anything less than (Php 300 per person)
Freebies… the ELF pouch + makeup would be around (Php 500-600) while the ones from Fabshopaholic could be more or less (Php 400)
Plus the prizes from the raffle. I got a cute colorful dress which is sold for (Php 420)
Do the math.
So based on my rough estimates, it is as if I only paid Php 880 for the workshop.. but how about the unlimited makeup testing? I could put a price on that. All I know is that, the workshop was worth every penny! Plus, its super FUN!!

Contact Ate Myla for more details.
SMS 09465367672 for reservations and inquiries.