I’ve been terribly busy these past few weeks. If you’ve been reading my blog before, you’ve also probably noticed my 2-3 weeks hiatus earlier this month. I’ve been caught up with school, tons of other paper works and deadlines so I didn’t have the luxury to update my blog or even attend events then. But when I received an email from Queen B. for a sudden GNY blogger’s event on the same week, I did not hesitate to RSVP. I’ve been using quite a number of their products and to be honest, not one failed my expectations so I was very eager to know what’s new with the brand.
That being said, I headed to Bauhinia Tower Penthouse, Tivoli Garden Residences despite my hectic schedule. I went with my blogger buddy, Gen-zel, who, thankfully, isn’t as poor with direction like me. We hailed a cab from Robinson Pioneer and then headed straight to the venue. We arrived a little late but the program hasn’t started yet so we went straight to the buffet table.
Ms. Misty of Queen B., official distributor of Glory of New York in the Philippines, giving a quick introduction about the brand and its founder.
Again, if you don’t know, “Glory of New York presents a range of cosmacure products to redefine the relevance of beauty and beauty care products. Our cosmacure products are dedicated to our consumers, who have been consistently demanding a range of beauty care products from ACI Pharm. The cosmacure products of Glory of New York are manufactured in the USA by the distinguished pharmaceutical company ACI Pharm Inc.” – Taken from Glory of New York Philippines
Dr. Sahay, founder of GNY, explaining the nitty gritty of their products. This was the first time I met him and I’m honestly amazed by how much he knows about their products – from the 3-layered packaging to the active ingredients of the products to the testing stage of each for accreditation. He’s like a pool of GNY facts. So cool!
FYI, their skincare products have 3 different layers of packaging that’s why they’re bulky. This is to keep the product’s temperature stable – changing temperature exposure can affect the products quality. Also, since their products are organic, they don’t have expiration date. But just to follow regulations, they put a 5-year shelf life on the products’ packaging.
The very talented GNY Ambassadress, Bing Castro of Project Awesome. She, along with the GNY Team, will be launching an exciting new YouTube series for men so better keep an eye out for that. 🙂
I have say, the event was pretty intimate but the venue and the food was great. Everything was organizing and even the lengthy presentation of the products and company as a whole was not at all boring. 
Now let’s head on to the huge array of GNY products.
 Skincare. GNY sent me a loot a few months back containing some of their best-selling skincare products but I haven’t gotten around to trying them. I have a huge pile of skincare products to try out so I was certain that I won’t be able to review these right away. But after the quick discussion about the products and what they’re made of, I can’t wait to start switching to all-GNY skincare routine. I’ll update you on this. 😉
 Makeup. This I’ve tried and so far, I’m very much impressed with them. They have a wide range of products and shades that could cater to different skin types and color.
This GNY Total Coverage Foundation is by far my favorite. It has been my HG foundation for months now and I have nothing but praises for it! It just gives the most amazing coverage I could possibly imagine. I doubt if I’m ever going to finish my first tub because it’s humongous but if I ever do, I’ll definitely repurchase this. And oh, they’re now available in more shades. Read my review HERE to know more about this incredible product.
 I’ve already tried 4 different shades of their lipstick and they all have one thing in common – great staying power! I haven’t posted my detailed review on them but I’ll let you know this much, I was like a walking advertisement for these lipsticks during the event because my fellow bloggers kept asking me about it. They, too, were amazed by the fact that I didn’t have to retouch all-throughout the day. 😉
 Handy mineral eye makeup palettes for beginners and makeup enthusiasts. I now have 2 of these. Yehey! Haven’t tried them yet but I will soon as I will have to  practice my look for my graduation pictures.
Now here are the new addition to the GNY product line-up – face and eye makeup palette for the PRO’s. The blush palettes look very tempting. You probably know that I don’t really own a lot of blushes and this would probably be a great addition to my collection but.. I have to resist the urge to spend. LOL!
With my fellow bloggers:
Sam of Dishysammy, Yette of Yettezkiedoodle, Gen-zel of Genzel Kisses and Mhisha of The Touch of Yellow. I’ve met other bloggers too but I can’t seem to find our pictures. Boo!
And, of course, the talented MUAs of The Manila Make Up Artists Association (MMUAA). I can’t begin to explain how flawless their makeup was. Seeing them truly inspired me to enroll to a formal makeup school.. in the future. Maybe? We’ll see. *wink!
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