As promised, here’s the first part of my Graduation Giveaway. I know some of you must be tired of hearing me blab on and on about finishing college and finally graduating but.. sorry I’m not sorry. HAHAH! It took me longer than expected to complete my course – mind you, Accountancy is not as easy as it looks – but I survived so it really is a big deal for me. Although I have to remind myself that this is just a small step compared to what I’m about to conquer come October.

And for that, I will be celebrating this achievement with a series of giveaways leading to my graduation day. I’m still not sure how many installments there’ll be but I’m working on it. All you have to do and chillax and be updated with my posts, okay?

For Graduation Giveaway (Part 1), there will be TWO (2) winners. And EACH winner will take home the following prizes: Hayan BB Cream (Read review HERE), Hayan Face Silky Powder (Read review HERE), 2 Hayan Artistic Crytal Eyeshadows (Read review HERE) and a pair of EOS Contact Lenses with oh-so kawaii case from Dull to Doll.

I have here with me 4 different shades of Hayan Crytal Eyeshadows and 2 of the EOS contact lenses – Rain Shower Brown & J-202 Gray – so the first winner to be picked via Rafflecopter would have the privilege of choosing first. Sounds fair? πŸ™‚
Congratulations! See original post to know what your set. πŸ™‚ Thank you all for joining. 2 more giveaways are on their way. Winners, please email me your shipping details at or you can just simply send me a message on Facebook. Shellah Alvarez, please include in your email the pair you want, either Rain Shower Brown or J-202 Gray. If prizes are not claimed within 3 days, it will be forfeited.