I maybe late for Halloween but at least I am able to post this before the end of this spooky week. 🙂 I wasn’t actually planning on doing a Halloween look since I don’t really do that kind of stuff – you’d notice that all-throughout my blogging years, I haven’t really posted a single Halloween look. But this one is an exception since this was for my little sister’s school project.
 She (lower left on the photo below) is a second year Architecture student and last Thursday, they had this “AswangKa Festival” in school wherein every group from different classes would have to come up with a theme and dress accordingly. I believe their theme for this Halloween look was “The Walking Dead” television series. I haven’t seen a single episode of the said series but I hope I did them justice. HAHA.
 I already tried this look on myself for a short film in school during my undergrad years so when the AswangKa Festival was announced, my sister almost immediately volunteered me to do their makeup without really seeking for my permission first. Being the nice and supportive big sister that I am, I obliged BUT in exchange for little something.. from here on out, she’ll be washing my makeup brushes for me. Woohoo! Every makeup enthusiast would understand why I dread such chore. HAHA.
 This type of zombie makeup is probably the easiest and cheapest way to create this look. I included Michelle Phan’s video below for the step-by-step procedures on how to create the look for your reference.. although I did change it a bit. For practical purposes, I used ordinary glue instead of latex glue to stick on tissue sheets simply because latex is not easily accessible in our country and more importantly, glue is cheaper. 🙂
Same goes for the fake blood; my sister created her own edible mixture since we can’t find a shop that sells fake blood. She used corn syrup, cornstarch, red food color and chocolate powder for it. It smells and tastes sweet but it looks realistic enough.
I finished doing all their makeup in less than 2 hours. Basically, I just powdered their faces with a powder foundation that is lighter than their skin tone. Then deepened their under eye circles and the hallows of their cheeks with a mix of black and purple eyeshdow to make it appear as if they are badly bruised and hungry. I proceeded with the tissue technique but I kinda ran out of areas to put their “injury” so you might notice that they’re a bit randomly placed. HAHA.
Enjoy watching Michelle Phan! 🙂

How’s that for a quick zombie look? 

Let me know by sounding off on the comment section below. See you on my next post! 🙂