Hey, I noticed something. I’ve been unconsciously buying things in two’s – first the watches, now the shoes. It’s actually not just those two but I don’t feel like showing you everything I got recently – not just yet, at least. What’s wrong with me? HAHA. But I don’t mind, I’ve been eyeing these items for months.. it’s about time I get them. πŸ™‚
Ever since the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar last April, I’ve been addicted to watches. And not just any watches, it has to be wrap-around. I still blame Eyah of Eyahnism for this. She was the one who showed me the gorgeous mustard yellow wrap-around watch that started it all. Not only that, she was also the one who gave me the link of the drool-worthy La Mer watches online. Eyah, my wallet is now cursing you. Joke! πŸ˜› Instead, thank you for introducing me to a whole new addiction. It’s not just about makeup and skincare products anymore. *wink!

Here’s a closer look on my two new favorite watches,
Black Washed Gold Square, $19.98 (Regular $39.99)
I intentionally picked a very basic wrap-around watch thinking that I’d look more professional with this one. It’s very simple yet sophisticated. This would totally go well with my corporate attire. I can already picture it! <3 
Navy Wrap Watch with Rose Gold Chains, $24.99 (Regular $49.99)
I hereby declare this as my dressy-dress watch. I’m no good in mixing and matching accessories.. well, at least with this one I won’t have to worry whether my bracelet matches my watch because this one comes with its own arm party.
I can’t believe I got both for only Php 2,000. What an incredible bargain! If I bought these here instead, it would’ve cost me Php 8,000+ for these exact same watches. It feels sooo good to finally cross these out off my 2013 Wishlist. Thank you, tita ninang, for looking scouting different sales for these. πŸ™‚
Moving on to the new pairs of shoes I got earlier today from Payless Paseo de Sta Rosa. I actually went to their Nuvali branch first in search of the nude pumps my cousin really likes – she already fitted it the last time we went there. I wanted to get it for her as my Christmas gift but her size was out of stock so I went to Paseo before heading home.
This was the exact pair I was looking for but they didn’t have it in her size. I refused to go home empty handed so I decided to buy it for me instead.. and to make her jealous nadin. HAHA. This purchase was a bit impulsive but I don’t care because a nude pump has always been on my 2013 Wishlist. Plus it’s cheaper than a Steve Madden pumps. πŸ˜‰ Another 1 down. Booyeah!
I know I’ll be needing a professional-looking pair of shoes for my internship and I also know for a fact that this one would fit the bill just right. I’ll be starting my internship in PwC, a known auditing firm, next week so I definitely have to look the part. So yeah, I don’t regret buying this pair without a second thought.
Guilt-free shoe shopping indeed. I got both shoes for only Php 995 each! Affordable, right? Best part is that they’re both very versatile and they go great with almost every outfit I could think of – may it be for office environment or even for events. You’ll see. *wink!
What do you think of my quick haul? I’m very excited about these items. πŸ˜€