Being the eldest, I am always tasked to take care of my
parents’ legal and financial obligations. I’m not thrilled about it, to say the
least. I have too much going on in my personal life that I don’t need
additional burden like going to different offices in Makati to pass
requirements. Definitely not a charmed life like most of you  probably think. :
Anyway, last week after my visit to one of Pag-Ibig Funds’
offices in Makati, I met up with my college friend, Joy, for lunch. Lucky for me
she was in Ayala for a job interview. If not, I would have went straight home – I don’t like shopping or eating alone. We
spent hours and hours walking around different boutiques and swatching out
products until we stumbled upon Tony Moly’s 50% off sign. BINGO!
Unfortunately, the SA told me that only few items were on
sale. And of those few items, they only have 1-2 stocks for each. *sob I really wanted to try product from
Tony Moly so despite my obvious disappointment, I rummaged through all their
items to see what’s worth trying.
 Here’s my small haul from
Tony Moly and a quick hit or miss evaluation based on my first week of usage.
Floria Youthful Energy Capsule Essence | Regular Price: Php 898 | MISS
for the time being.

I got this for Php 449. I
originally wanted to try Floria Whitening Capsule Essence but it wasn’t on sale
so when the SA said that both whitening capsule essence and the youth energy
capsule essence are made from flowers, I decided to give the latter a try.
Crystal Eye Decoration in 07 | Regular Price: Php 248 | MISS!

I think I might be color
blind or my eyes are playing a trick on me because when I first saw this, I
sincerely thought it was grey or silver but my friend and the SA kept arguing
with me, telling me that it’s blue! I still think its grey but since it’s the
only shade left, I bought it. This is cost me Php 124.
Fruit Princess Gloss in 01 | Regular Price: Php 378 | HIT!

Again, there was no other
shade available for this gloss so I had to settle for this one. Joy didn’t like
the vibrant pink shade but I thought I could put it on top of my MAC Dear Diary
lipstick to make it look more girly. I’ve been using this for days and I love
it. It’s a great find considering that I only paid Php 189 for it.
7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow in 01 | Regular Price: 398 | HIT!!!

Yes, tattoo is really
spelled like that. LOL! This one
wasn’t on sale but I still it anyway because I wanted the GWP which was a
sprout headband for every Php 1000 purchase. I knew from the start that the
name of the product itself was misleading. Heck, what makeup would last 7 days?
It was obviously exaggerated, yes. But it delivers. I can’t wait to post my
review for this one. This is by far my favorite Tony Moly product.
So that’s about it for my
very first Tony Moly haul. I’ll be doing separate reviews for each by next week
– except the Floria Youthful Energy Capsule Essence because it takes months to
fully assess the effects of a skincare product. More hauls from Korean brands
on December. *excited
Hey, Tony Moly is still on sale.
Don’t forget to visit their branches and take advantage of their 50%
See you on my next post, ladies!