Being a 4th year accountancy student is no easy task. That’s why I decided to reward myself every time I pass a very difficult exam.
And for passing all my exams last semester..
(photo from the seller)
This was from an online shop owned by a friend of Michael’s, my boyfriend. <3
This is the picture from the shop, Tavolozza.
Item details:
Item 071401
Material:LeatherColor: Black, Camel
Size: One Size(Regular)
Detail in Tile Measurement
Length:50cm, Bust:88-96cm, Sleeves:58cm

What I love about the shop is that it has this size chart which really helped me in deciding since I won’t be able to actually fit the jacket before buying it.. so I sat in front of the computer with a tape measure in hand trying so see whether the jacket is just the right size for me. :))

And there you have it, a perfect fit.

I was leaning towards a more biker chick/edgy look so I bought the black one. 😉

(Wore this during the Phil. Fashion Week since we were required to wear black stylish outfit.
Too bad the matching black boots was not seen in this picture.)

What I love about the product:

  • Soft leather.. very comfy!
  • Doesn’t have the plastic smell of other cheap leathers (this was only Php 780 when I bought it. If I’m not mistaken it costs around Php880 today)
  • Fast delivery, it arrived only 12 days after filling up the order form. That’s fast considering the jacket was pre-ordered.
  • Free shipping!
  • Size chart.
  • A lot cheaper than other pre-order Korean apparels.
I’m not crazy about the sleeves though.. it was slimmer in the sample picture than the actual thing. So I kinda look macho because of the big sleeves. Not very flattering at all.
The inner lining of the jacket is also a bit itchy when you start sweating.. not really meant to be worn during humid days.
Plus the seller forgot to ship the book I ordered along with the jacket. 
My Verdict: 

Buy Again? Probably YES. I’ve been eyeing their white blazer for an upcoming event. 🙂