Silver lining may be an unusual title for a beauty haul post but I’m sure you’ll understand it later on. You see, I was having a very uneventful, unmotivated and overall boring week last week. I felt so apathetic that nothing could excite me. It went on for days.. if you ever feel like back-reading, you’ll see 3-4 days gap between my posts. I felt so drained even if I wasn’t really doing anything. And even without expecting to see a silver lining towards the end of the week, there it was – a downpour of blessings waiting for me. I feel so blessed and loved right now that I’m honestly so pumped to blog! LOL!

Let me show you what presents were waiting for me in my so-called silver lining.

Blogger Kit from HBC (San San liners & mascaras)
I’ve been exchanging emails with HBC’s communication manager, Ms. Lorie, since last month and finally it came. My first ever Blogger Kit from HBC filled with San San liners & mascaras. It’s official.. I’m now a part of HBC’s exclusive blogger group. I’m more than excited to try out there products. It’s timely too since I’m currently going gaga over eyeliners. LOL!

Whitening Facial Cream set & Gluta Berry Soap from iWhite Korea
You’ve probably all know by now that I, along with other fellow bloggers, am part of iWhite Korea’s blogger circle. I’ve always been a fan of their Whitening Pack so it’s my pleasure to try out their other lines too. Not only that, iWhite Korea also gave us the privilege to host giveaways to reward our readers. So along with my new Whitening Facial Cream set and Gluta Berry Soap is…
… of course a huge loot of iWhite Korea Whitening Pack (Read review HERE) for my readers. Be ready for another giveaway, lovelies!
Newest Sun Block with SPF 80 and Niscenssa Face Powder with SPF 15 from Nisce Skin ‘n Face
These are obviously the contents of my loot bag from our intimate lunch with Nisce Skin ‘n Face Brand Ambassadors (Read more about it HERE). I was able to try the sunblock ONCE before my father asked if he could have it. Papa is totally loving it. He goes biking every morning to Tagaytay and he said his skin doesn’t feel sore even after prolonged sun exposure.

Hayan Solution Foam Cleanser, White Effect Cream & Crystal Peeling Gel
Ever since I posted on IG the Hayan products I hauled, I’ve been receiving a great deal of product review requests. Apparently, no blog reviews are readily available online for Hayan products. So like the obedient blogger that I am, I acquired a couple more Hayan products for review. By the way, I think they’re still on sale! I’ll be posting some by next week so keep an eye out for that! πŸ™‚

MySlim Yerba Mate Drink from Vida NutriScience Inc.
I was offered to try this product months ago but it never came. So I wasn’t really expecting it to arrive.. but as fate would have it, it came when I needed some cheering up the most. LOL! I’ve tried this before – the bottled one from 7 Eleven – and I have a good feeling about this one too!

And lastly,

Skincare Products from bΒ·liv by Cellnique

Few days ago, I was contacted by a PR representative bΒ·liv by Cellnique, a Malaysian skincare brand, asking if I was willing to try out there products. Of course I said yes. I gave them details about my skin and my usual problems and then they came up with a set specific for my needs. I’m still amazed how my humble blog reached their radar; but regardless of how and why, I’m still very thankful. 
That’s it for my silver lining haul. If you’re feeling down, don’t worry.
I know something good is waiting for you too. Like I always say, AJA LANG! *wink