I’ve always wanted to do comparisons between different Skinfood BB creams but they’re a bit pricey. A BB cream costs around Php 500-800 online and Php 900-1500 when bought from their boutiques. I didn’t want to buy 2 Skinfood BB creams at a time just for review purposes.

Luckily, I saw an auction on Facebook which has all three miniature Skinfood BB creams with a very low starting bid. I knew I just had to win that auction. Mini BB creams are exactly what I needed to be able to review and compare them.
Here’s the set.

The set has a Red Bean BB cream which I already reviewed (read review here), Mushroom BB cream and Aloe Sun BB cream.
Those 3 BB creams are the most searched Skinfood BB cream online. And how lucky am I to get all 3 for only Php 265! Now, I can compare them to help potential buyers in choosing between the 3.
Watch out for other low starting bid auctions at WeekendAuction.
I’ll be doing separate reviews on each. 

Tell me which 2 BB creams you want me to compare by commenting down below.