Out with the old and in with the new! My very first blog post for 2015 will be about something I love doing which is SHOPPING! If you’re following me on Instagram (@celline08), you’d know that I spent the remainder of the year 2014 taking advantage of sales. It’s always a good idea to start the New Year with a fresh set of makeup and a few wardrobe additions. And I got to do just that all thanks to my ever-so supportive and generous boyfriend who allowed me to use his credit card as I wish. Just to be clear, I didn’t ask for it.. he willingly offered. <3
Two of my favorite Korean brands in the Philippines were on sale recently. Etude House’s ‘Hello New Year Sale’ had every item on 20% off while Tony Moly had a whopping 30% off on all items! If that’s not a good enough reason to shop then I don’t know what is. Talk about guilt-free shopping! <3 I know you’re excited to see what I got so without further ado, here’s what I got and their respective prices for your reference. Note that the prices below are NOT their regular price but their sale price as indicated on my receipt. You can always check their official website for updated prices. 🙂
 Berry Trendy Hair Bleach (Php124.60) | Clean Dew Acerola Foam Cleanser (Php138.60)
I want to change my hairstyle although I’m still not sure what I want exactly.. What I do know is that I want to keep my hair shorter ¬ something that’s low maintenance as I plan to go on more adventures for 2015 but I’ve also been meaning to get my hair colored again. This time around, I want something more Ombre-ish.

That said, I decided to try this at-home hair bleach set from Tony Moly. It promises to lighten the hair without damaging it but if something goes wrong (fingers crossed!) and my hair becomes brittle, I can always have the bottom part chopped like my original plan. Wish me luck! 🙂

 Lovely Eyebrow Pencils in 03 and 04 (Php124.60 each)
My lola has been asking me for brow pencils ever since she came home from New York and so has my little sister. That pretty much explains why I bought these in spite all my brow sets. Don’t worry; I’m still going to post a review on these two. 🙂

And for my little shopping haul from Tony Moly, I got a free Tomatox sample, an Intense LS CC Cream sample and my first Tony Moly Membership Card. What’s interesting about their membership card is that it not only accumulates points as you purchase items from the brand but you also get 15% off on their items during every 15th of the month! Now that’s a way to reward loyal customers. *wink!

 Strawberry Sponge Hair Rolls (Php158.40)
Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red (Php342.20)
Like I said, I wanted to get two tones for my hair and I want both tones to have a red base. I recently had my hair color done by the Matrix Team at the L’Oreal Academie in Ortigas but it’s starting to fade already. I want to keep it bold and vibrant so I’ll be retouching it soon using this Bubble Hair Color from Etude House. And if everything goes well, maybe I can curl my locks using these super cute strawberry foam rollers! <3
Moistfull Aloe Mist (Php542.40) | Happy Tea Time Cleansing Cream in Aloe Tea (Php158.40)
Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream (Php262.40)
I can never have too many makeup removers. I put on makeup almost everyday and it is of utmost importance that I properly remove every bit of makeup before hitting the sack. I’ve been using the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion for most part of 2014; it’s great and all but I want to explore more options. Maybe I’ll find something better, my Holy Grail makeup remover waiting to be discovered. lol

As per recommendation of one of my blogger friends, Andy of
, I got this Moistfull Aloe Mist. I tried spraying it on the back of my hand and I fell in love with it instantly! It smells amazing and it
makes my skin soft immediately after. Also, the spray atomizer works great.
 Precious Mineral Any Cushion BB Cream in W13 (Php878.40)

I’ve always been curious how cushion BB creams work and I guess now
is the perfect time to try it for myself! I got this during the last day of sale, after seeing their
‘7 Best-Sellers’ post on Facebook. I can’t wait to try it! I got the middle shade but I did swatch all 3 shades for your reference. I’ll include it on my review. <3
 Kissful Tint Choux in PK002 (Php222.40) | Styling Eyeliner in #2 (Php102.40)
Surprise Essence Concealer in #1 Light Beige (Php238.40)
Drawing Eyebrow in #5 (Php118.40)

I have enough lip tints as it is but when I swatched the
Kissful Tint Choux, something urged me to buy it. It is rather interesting,
IMHO. It goes on sheer and glossy on the lips but after a while the gloss tones
down a bit while a lovely shade of pink tints the lips. So cute! Perfect for
light, fresh makeup looks.
Surprise Essence concealer was a personal favorite during my
early blog years and I don’t know why I stopped repurchasing it. I bought
the same one I had before even if they already have it in stick form. I think
the creamy type of concealers work better on my under eye area as opposed to the
powdery ones. You can read my amateur review HERE
Oh, you know how Etude House is generous with their GWP. For my first purchase, I got a sample of Precious Mineral BB Creams and a new Pink Membership Card because forgot to register my old one. The on the last day of their year-end sale, my boyfriend took me shopping to finish my ‘to buy’ list while they’re still on sale. Since he’s paying, I went crazy and bought more than I needed just to get this pretty pink beauty tray. Haha.
I also bought a few pieces from Forever21’s End Of Season Sale but I think I’d rather do an ‘Outfit of the Day’ kind of posts with those. 🙂 So I guess that’s about it for my Tony Moly and Etude House haul! I can’t
wait to try these kawaii products! I’ll be writing individual reviews soon, of
course. Also, I’d love to see what you got during their sale as well. Don’t hesitate to comment them down below! See you on my next post!
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