This haul is the result of the busy audit season that passed; well, this and the layer of belly fat I have unwillingly acquired. Every girl knows that the most effective way to reduce stress is to shop, but since I was unable to stroll malls to shop, I resorted to online shopping. Unlike my usual impulsive self, I was cautious with what I was adding to my cart because, let’s face it, I have more than enough makeup already. So I might as well buy stuff that are considered cult favorites. I did my research and now my new babies are here!!!

Tarte At First Blush Amazonian Clay Deluxe Blush Set (Php2,100 from MakeoverShop)

The Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes have always been on my list but they’re quite expensive so I keep on putting it off. Well hey, what better way to try new products than in deluxe sizes! I believe the full-sized blushes cost around Php1,600 EACH. However, with this set, I basically paid Php525 per blush. That’s not too bad, right? It’s such a steal IMHO!

The hype for these blushes were well-founded. They are amazing! I can’t even begin to explain my excitement over these cuties. Yes, cuties for they are surprisingly small, haha. Don’t let photos deceive you. Each blush pans are just a few centimeters bigger than a P10-peso coin in radius. Still worth it tho.

TheBalm The Manizer Sisters (Php1,600 from Makeoverhop)

A makeup group on Facebook has been raving about TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter for sometime now. Even a blogger friend recommended it so I decided to go get one. But being the kuripot that I am, I went for a deluxe set yet again, haha. I really feel that I get to try more with these deluxe sets. Plus, I always have a hard time finishing full-sized products so there’s really no point in buying such a huge pan of highlighter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown (Php1,100 from MakeoverShop)

Now, this one is slightly an impulsive purchase. I know it’s a good products but I haven’t really thought about it enough to include in my list. I’ve been seeing a lot of it on Instagram, and though the photos look great, I didn’t completely believe that this product alone could create such lovely brows. I guess I was wrong because it was love at first try, honestly. I’m in awe by how smooth and pigmented it is. I can’t even.. Argh! Review soon.

LA Girl Pro Conceal in Toast and Medium Beige (Php145 each from Shopee)

Thanks to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, the contour game on social media remains as strong as ever. It’s one thing to know how to contouring using powder, but it’s a whole different thing then it comes to cream/wet contouring. And that’s exactly what I’m gearing for when I bought these LA Girl Pro Conceal. Gotta practice, practice, practice!

24-Steel Bone Corset (Php1,800 from Shopee)

Here’s a funny story. I bought this waist-trainer to help me lose weight. The seller told me that if my waistline is ‘medium’ (27-29 inches), which it is, I should get size ‘small’. I understand that you’re supposed to get a size smaller to really feel the pressure on your waist so I got the corset in small. Now it won’t fit! HAHA. It’s both funny and ironic how I’m supposed to lose weight to be able to wear the product I bought that is meant to help me lose weight in the first place. *facepalm

That’s about it for my little retail therapy. It’s not much but I just wanted to show you what stress can do to me (and my savings, haha!). If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I really shopped for makeup ever since I started working. I didn’t feel any surge of guilt like I usually do for spending too much. On the contrary, it kinda felt a bit satisfying to buy the things you love with your own hard-earned money. Overtime pa more! Haha. 😀