After Virginia Olsen’s Summer Collection Blogger Launch (Read about it HERE), I braved the hot and humid Philippine weather going to the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar at World Trade Center to do a little shopping. Well actually, Ina of Iambabypanda and I were on a tight budget (read: summer = no allowance) but we really wanted to hangout so we decided to still go to the bazaar. Eyah of Eyahnism and Aya of Codename Aya were cool enough to join us too! I can’t emphasize how fun it really is to hang out with girls who share the same interests. 
Oh by the way, I also went to the same bazaar last year ze BF (Read more HERE)!
The venue changed a little compared to last year’s. Although I can’t say it mattered much since it’s still air conditioned and with tons of awesome booths to make a makeup-loving gal like me shriek a bit out of excitement because of all the amazing finds!

Upon entering the bazaar, we were greeted by racks of clothes and colorful bags that are so in this summer season. I was a bit depressed that I didn’t get to buy the candy-colored sling bag I’ve been eyeing the entire time. I figured I’ll just buy it after the renovation to save it from the inevitable dust and dirt accumulating at home.

All four of us were really excited upon seeing Beauty Cosmetics‘ booth. Why? Everything were on sale! Blending brushes were sold for as low Php 50 each while the sets were for Php 900! I believe all four of us bought at least one blending brush from them. I was actually contemplating about buying brushes or a set maybe, for a giveaway but I decided not to.. maybe some other time. πŸ™‚

How unfortunate! We didn’t see Chic Cosmetics‘ booth/brushes at the bazaar. *sob

The owner of French Macaroons Boutique also recognized me from last year’s bazaar which was a bit weird and funny at the same time. I’ve always wanted to try the famous K-palette liners but never really got the chance to buy one from Beauty Bar.. it’s nice to know I can buy it online too. 

This booth has got to be one of my favorites! They showcased tons of affordable shades and wrap-around watches. It took me almost 5-10 minutes to pick out the right shape of sunnies for my small face.. I like trying out things without the owner/SA bothering me. LOL! I also bought a watch just because Eyah told me to. I didn’t realize how much I love it until I took a picture of it at home. I’ll show it to you on my haul post. *wink
By the way, I failed to get the name of the store/booth. If you know their online shop, please tell me. I’d like to collect all the colors of the wrap-around watches. <3
I have to mention this, if you’re going to a bazaar, take Eyah with you. She’s great in haggling with the owner. LOL! I think I got Php 40 off my purchase because of her “skills”. Thanks Eyah!

Hey! Here’s the gorgeous Ms. Arlette of the ever-so yummy Strip It! Sugar & Chocolate Wax. She sponsored some of my blog giveaways before but this was the first time I met her in person. 
Hi Ms. Arlette, it was nice meeting you. 

If you haven’t tried Strip It! wax before, you might want to go through my previous posts about it HERE and HERE. I just remembered, I received an email the other day from a reader who said she bought a tub of the wax with her sister after reading my blog and until now, they still don’t know how to use it properly. If you’re having problems, like her, you can email me too and I’ll try my best to help you by giving tips and other “how to’s”. πŸ˜€

The 3 nail gurus busy checking out nail polishes and accessories while I hover around. I’m still new to the nail art craze thing so I don’t really need much… yet.

Cool mustache tops and wooden shades for summer, anyone? πŸ™‚

Say hello (again) to Eyah’s sexy back and Ina’s bangs while browsing Chedelyn’s Cosmetic Corner‘s makeup heaven. LOL! And oh, according to Aya, the Heat Wave Summer Bazaar was leaps and bounds better than the Cosmetologie Fair last April 9. So I guess I didn’t miss much by not attending that fair.
I really had so much fun.. it was exhausting but still fun. I’ll post my haul for that day soon..
See you next year, Heat Wave Summer Bazaar! I’ll save more moolah for you next time. πŸ™‚