I wanted post this yesterday but our internet connection was acting up so yah, I wasn’t able to post it. Anyway, the bazaar at World Trade Center lasted for three days from Friday up until tomorrow.
(Photo from Michael’s iPad)
I forced my boyfriend to come with me to the bazaar on its first day because I figured that there will be more stocks on the first day compared to the last.  BTW, the entrance fee was Php 50 each.
Went we came in, a lot of booths were still closed so we decided to grab some ice cream so we could eat while looking for Chedelyn’s Cosmetics booth.
Mio Gelati’s booth caught our eyes because of the flavor labels.
And the weirdest flavor goes to…
We didn’t have the guts to order the chili chocolate so we went with Ferrero and Red Velvet Cake. Best thing about having a boyfriend? When you choose only one but still get to taste two flavors. HAHAH.
I love buying accessories but I always misplace them.
This is where I bought my connector rings. J One ring is for Php 100 but if you buy two, you get both for only Php 150.
I was eyeing the cute backpack but I didn’t get the chance to buy it. It was for only Php 480. Oh man! I really should’ve bought it instead of the cardigan. I mean, summer is so hot when will I use the cardigan? 
Oh well. 
And of course MAKEUP!
Tons and tons of makeup. I just loved walking around all those makeups. I did buy some but I was kinda holding back because I have drum lessons this summer and I will be the one paying for that.
So these are the things I bought. I will post them in detail on the next blog.
I was wearing my new Mendrez wedge during the bazaar and my feet was killing me after a few hours of walking so we had to sit down while deciding where to it.
BonChon for our super late lunch! They have the most flavored chicken any fast food can offer. I loved it and can’t help but buy more as pasalubong. I bought 6-pieces soy flavored chicken wings to go.