There’s nothing more effective in rekindling bonds with your sister than a whole day of girl bonding (read: SALON TIME!). We’ve always loved getting our hairs done together probably because we both have unmanageable wavy locks we got from both parents’ side. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I’ve been blabbing about this salon on all my social network accounts for days so I think it’s about time for me to make a proper post about it.

Just a quick disclaimer though before I start singing praises for this salon. This was not sponsored in anyway. My cousin recommended the place and mom paid for everything, ok? Thanks, Ma! <3

Hemel’s Salon & Spa doesn’t look very promising from the outside probably because of where it is situated. I’m sure you’ll change your mind when you walk in though. πŸ™‚ Oh by the way, did you know that “hemel” is French for “heaven”? Yeah, just a little something I learned from our French class last semester. Anyway, let me give you a little tour of the place.

The reception area.
I have to say I really love the interior of the salon – the couches, chandeliers and glass dividers don’t look cheap at all! If anything they even look intimidating if you don’t have much to spend but guess what, they’re insanely affordable!
My sister and I went for package 3 which includes: rebond for any length, “service all you can” and an eat all you can buffet. Yes, you read it right. Now us girls don’t have to worry about getting hungry during the tedious 6-hour hair treatment for they also offer a pretty decent buffet! First time to hear “service all you can”? Me too. I was insisting on paying a separate amount for the hair color and treatment but as it turns out, they’re all included in the package price of Php 1339! How awesome is that?! You can click the photo to see the prices.
The lobby.
The rinsing area…
… and the salon proper where the magic happens. πŸ™‚
There was like 10-15 people getting their hair rebonded that time so I feared that they won’t be able to entertain us especially because we came late. Good thing they worked out a great system in doing such time-consuming work. In most salons, one staff accommodates only 1-3 rebond customers and stays with them all throughout the treatment. But in Hemel’s they have designated areas like one will do all the shampooing and then another person in a specific area would do the blow drying and so on. This causes potential bottleneck in the process but they’re very efficient, if you ask me. πŸ™‚

First batch of treatment while watching “The Lucky Ones” on my sister’s tablet.

The buffet area.
We arrived there at around 5:30 in the afternoon and at around 7 or 8pm, one of the staff went around announcing that the buffet table was already open. The buffet table wasn’t big or anything so don’t expect it to be like Dad’s or Yakimix. πŸ™‚ They had a total of 6 viands and plain rice, all set up in a very neat and nicely lit aisle. For the package price of Php 1339, I was surprise to see shrimp! I wasn’t really hungry so this was all I had on my plate. It’s also important to stress out that the food tasted really nice.. not like karinderia food. The buffet area wasn’t open the entire time but they did give everyone ample amount of time to eat.
Getting my hair blow-dried and Caren’s hair ironed. Since my hair is only a little pass the shoulder, I was concerned about it flying away, if you know what I mean, so the one doing my hair suggested getting a “volume rebond” instead. It’s much like a normal rebond; the only difference is the way they iron the hair. Instead of ironing it straight ’til the very end of the hair, they made the lower part curve inwards. See? It looks bouncy! πŸ™‚ 
Coloring time!!! I was torn between my all-time favorite red and golden brown. I’ve tried red like 3 times before so the obvious choice would’ve been blonde since I’ve always thought that I would look great with light hair. But once I saw the wide range of red shades, I just couldn’t help myself.
In the end, I went with 6/45 Burgundy. It’s like a dark brown shade with little hints of red at first but when direct light, it looks very vibrant and well, extremely red! <3 By the way, my lil sis is a bit shy in school so she opted for a more natural looking color, 6/7 Rich Velvet Blonde – a dark brown shade.
Separate area for the nail works.
I had my nails done while the color sets on my hair. Again, the plaice is very nice and clean. And seriously, there’s chandelier everywhere! The couches are very comfy too. I just hoped they had more nail polish brands and colors to choose from. If I’m not mistaken, they only have Caronia nail polishes.. no Orly or even OPI. πŸ™
Now for the final look…
TADAAA! I love everything about my new hair!! I hate attracting awkward stares from old ladies.. so yeah, the color, for me, is perfect! It isn’t too red but it’s very vibrant, still. Also, the rebond didn’t make my hair pin-straight! It’s obviously straighter and more manageable but it still looks natural in a way. It has volume and very bouncy. I love how soft and shiny my hair is right now.. although I think I’ll have to get another haircut to get the dry ends out.
By the way, to be fair, my hair before don’t normally look that messy. I had it in a bun before taking the picture above. Just wanted to explain the weird wavy part in the middle. LOL!
Hemel’s Salon and Spa
Tejeron St. corner Sagrada Familia Street Sta. Ana, Manila
Tel. no.: 399-2566
So tell me, what do you think of my new hair?
It makes me look more morena than usual but I love it to bits! <3
I’d love to hear your say on this. See you on my next post! πŸ˜€