Last month I was invited to yet another brand launching and this time, it was actually one that I was honestly looking forward to. I’ve been a silent reader/follower of Project Vanity and I’ve heard her talk about the brand a couple of times before. I thought, if Liz genuinely likes this brand, then it has to be really good. So without hesitation, I skipped a day of review school and hopped on a cab to attend the event that was held in Makati Shangri-La. And no, I did not regret missing review school for this event. 🙂
A little background: Heroine Make is a Japanese-manufactured makeup line with ten years of history of turning women into princesses since 2005. It launched a revolutionary range of eye makeup in Japan since then. The brand has become a familiar sight to shoppers in Hong Kong and Singapore. Now, Heroine Make is spreading the wide manga eyes towards the Philippines. Heroine Make, like Pixy Cosmetics, is also under the umbrella of Mandom Philippines Corporation.

 The cute little vanity dresser set-up beside the stage was a nice touch. The mirror itself looked vintage and yet still romantic and girly especially with all the Heroine Make products in front. It really does embody the theme of the brand – not to mention their iconic logo of Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth. 🙂
What’s a makeup brand launching without a demo, right? Sayuri Igarashi, the in-house makeup artist and beauty counselor of Heroine Make, was flown all the way to Manila for the launching just to showcase how to recreate the Heroine Make look which, of course, focuses more on the eyes. Boy, how I love her! She looks so animated when she talks and she just keeps on talking in Japanese even though we don’t understand her – there was a translator, of course, but because she was so enticed by what she was talking about, the translator couldn’t really keep up with her. Haha. Good thing she gestures and laughs a lot so we kinda understood what she was trying to say, more or less, about the product. She radiates so much positivism and energy that you can almost feel it in the room. So cute!
Japanese makeup are known for their bold, anime eyes. And during the demo, Sayuri Igarashi shared her tricks in creating the signature look but at the same time, keeping it wearable for everyday errands. In addition to bold eye makeup, Heroine Make also has dolly-inspired false lashes, BB Creams, and powder compacts for perfect princess-like skin. Their products were inspired by the big, beautiful eyes of the classic shoujo (Japanese women’s comic) heroine. Fans of manga note that Heroine Make’s design is heavily influenced by vintage shoujo, when the heroine’s were at their most romantic – and their most emotional.
 In fact, the brand has its own heroine: Elizabeth Himeko, the ever-beautiful princess who spreads a message that every woman deserves to look beautiful, always. Oh by the way, I just received another package from the heroine herself the other day – a little thank you note, a few more products to try and a sweet rose. Ah, the perks of being friends with a princess. Haha!
 An afternoon tea to celebrate yet another entrant in the market, one that’s both affordable and promising, while listening to Filharmonika play Disney songs in the background.. felt like a royalty, indeed. Thank you, Princess Elizabeth, for the lovely afternoon and for the gift of great makeup.
Now stop dreaming about prince charming on a white horse and take control – be your own heroine! 😉
Available at: Watsons and SM Department Stores
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