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Notice how occasion and the time of day dictate the
appropriateness of our lip color and eye makeup? Well, the same goes for the
color and type of blush we use actually. Thought you can get away with just any
blush for all occasions, did you? Naaahh! Here’s a quick fool-proof guide to
follow in choosing how to add color on your face.
For day time

Observe how pale your skin looks when you wake up in the
morning and more healthy-looking in the afternoon. That’s because our blood
circulation is significantly slower in the morning while caffeine intake and
added stress throughout the day causes blood vessels under our skin to expand
and swell up. Thus, creating an attractive natural flush of color on our
The key in choosing which blush to use during day time is
the product’s staying power and how natural it looks on you. Stay clear of dark
shades that could look overwhelming when used during the day. Instead, load up
with blush shades that are light, subtle
and natural
to keep the look soft and not too striking.
Cream Blush:

To make your cream blush as budge-proof as possible, dust
powder blush on top of it. Make sure they’re of the same shade of course. This
will make your blush last throughout the entire day as the powder blush tends
to adhere to the cream blush. Be mindful as you add the powder blush though as
it is fairly easy to go overboard with it.
Duo Blush Powder:

Add blush that looks somewhat close to your skin color then
add a pop of color like pink or coral right on top of your cheek bone. By
blending these two shades of blush, you create a very subtle but noticeable rosy flush. Also, it is less likely to make the sudden flush of
color look too harsh or forced.

Cheek Tint:

Cheek tints/stain have considerably few shades available compared to normal blushes. So far, I’ve only encountered around 4-5 shades from different brands. But despite the small color variety it offers, cheek tints, in my opinion, generally have the best staying power as it really “stains” the skin. Just make sure that when applying it, use only a small amount and try to bend it as quickly as possible to prevent it from leaving harsh dot marks or color streaks. 

While pink and coral blush look sweet and dainty, bronzed
beauty looks more edgy and athletic. Fear not, bronzers look good on any skin tone. The key is always to blend it to look more natural. Also, I suggest you don’t try it on top of a natural shade because unlike the blush duo mentioned above, bronzer over a natural shade will look messy.
For events at night:

Occasions at night are usually parties and events that call
for sophisticated glamour. At this time of day, you can get away with more dramatic blush like a rich plum
to adjust with the dark surrounding. To amp up the look, you can also use
frosted blush with gold shimmer or
tiny particles that could reflect light to highlight your face and give you
that iridescent glow. In short, for events at night, you can go as bold and as dramatic as necessary.

TIP: If you’re heading to a bar or any poorly lit
venue, do your makeup before you leave the house or refrain from touching up at
the venue since bar lighting tends to be cave like, so you might see the real
color and overdo it by accident.
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