I remember reading an article from Cosmopolitan magazine from their 2010 series (I’m not sure which month though) regarding this topic. It’s a lengthy article but to sum it up, it just stated that you can get exclusive discount codes from the company/brand/online store by stocking up your virtual cart and leaving it for weeks. I didn’t give it much thought really since I assumed that online shops from the Philippines don’t follow such practice and wouldn’t send any discount codes.
Anyway, few months ago, as I was planning to buy my own domain, I asked my fellow bloggers for the best domain source. Most of them suggested GoDaddy.com so I rushed to that site and saw that .com, .it and other domains were on sale from the original price of around $29.99 to $12.99 per year. Enticed by the lowered price, I created my account, signed up and reserved 2 of my prospective domains at that time which were celline08.com and cellinereyes.com.

Since I wasn’t sure which domain to buy and how exactly to pay for it as I don’t own a PayPal account or a credit card, I left the items on my cart for 2-3 weeks while I look for a way to pay for it.
I seriously should find a way how to load up my PayPal account with cash! It’s so much more convenient to use.

As I routinely checked my email, I was surprised to see a number of emails from GoDaddy.com. They sent me a couple of discount codes which I could use. I guess it was part of their marketing strategy to increase domain sales since the discount offered increased from the previous 20% discount to a whopping 30% on top of the original discounted price from their site just to urge me to buy the domain already.
I have to say, their strategy is very effective. LOL!

At the ended, I decided to buy the domain cellinereyes.com mostly because majority of my friends thought it sounds more professional. All thanks to my tita who allowed me to use her credit card to be able to pay for my domain. Yey for supportive relatives! 🙂
There you have it! Few dollars off (from $29.99 to $9) for my blog’s domain just by abandoning my cart for weeks. How cool is that?!

Oh by the way, this way (leaving your items dormant in your virtual cart) is not a fool-proof way of getting discount codes for all your purchases. Probably since some online companies/brands don’t usually check those items in their customers’ carts. But if you’re a blogger or an online store owner who is planning on leveling up your blog/store by making your own site, you would find this very useful.
DISCLAIMER: I am not associated to the company nor am I paid to do this write up. This is based purely on my own experience.