Hi everyone! I’d like to apologize for being hiatus for an entire week last week. I had tons of requirements to finish before our semestral break; not to mention our final exams that covered the entire sem’s topic. Talk about major major buzz kill! Oh well, at least now I can continue blogging on a daily basis. Thank God for sembreaks! Gotta love college. πŸ™‚
As for my first post, here’s another “How To” post to properly welcome my 3-week vacation.
Bronzers, like your typical blush, can give you an instant natural glow if applied properly. For me, personally, bronzed beauties have that outgoing athletic vibe as it gives a sexy sun-kissed look without any sun-induced skin damage. While pink or coral blush, on the other hand, makes a girl look more sweet and dainty. No wonder I use blush for dates with le BF and bronzers for picnics and outdoor events. I just love the slight glimmer on my face when I’m out under the sun with my trusty bronzer on.
When picking out which shade of bronzer to buy, don’t forget to take into consideration your skin’s color and undertone for a more believable sun-kissed glow. So let me share with you, my lovely readers, some of the things I learned from reading different books and articles. Let’s start!

Asians normally have yellow undertone that’s why most of the foundations in the market are yellow-based. So to warm up your complexion without overpowering it, choose a bronzer palette that has a combination of apricot, warm peach and bronze shades. It’s all about making the skin look radiant yet still very natural.
Now for mestizas who, more often than not, have pink undertones, should opt to use bronzer and blush duos for it compliments their skin’s undertone better. Using a medium bronze shade, dust it over your forehead, cheeks and nose bridge before the blush. Then sweep a bright pink blush on the apples of your cheeks to get the most natural effect.


This type of skin color is common amongst Latina’s and Middle Eastern. Oh boy, I just love the facial features of the Latinas; they’re so strikingly confident! *sigh Moving on… girls with olive to dark skin can pull off deeper hues like copper and terracotta. Since monotone hue all over the face screams fake, only apply the bronzer where the sun naturally hits the face like the cheekbones, forehead and a little bit on the bridge of the nose.
So are you a blush or bronzer kind of girl? *wink
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