It’s nearly 2 in the morning and I really need to sleep. But let me just share a really short post about the new shoes I bought. One thing I can’t resist is SALE. The red and white sign that says “SALE” and the orange tag that comes with it. Ugh! I always end up buying things I don’t need just because they’re on sale. 
Anyway, here’s what the shoes I bought looks like.
A pair of brown Parisian oxford heels. 

I wasn’t really planning to buy a new pair of shoes that day. Actually, I was saving up for a Sigma brush set. πŸ™

It wasn’t really an impulsive purchase. After seeing and trying on the shoes, I kept walking around the department store contemplating whether or not to get them. I even went home and slept on it. BUT the following day, I just found myself going back to SM and buying the shoes. I don’t even know when to wear it!

My savings for the Sigma Brush Set: back to zero. πŸ™

It was for only Php 1040. I just can’t resist it. Such an unnecessary purchase!
Help me here. Do you think I was wrong in buying this pair? Come on, be honest. 😐