This is obviously not a beauty-related post. Let me just share our weekend in Baguio.. don’t worry, this post is photo-heavy so it’s not entirely boring. πŸ™‚

le BF and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary last February 8. And more than a week before that, we agreed not to do anything super duper special on our anniversary because we needed to save up for our Palawan trip this summer. So I told him a simple romantic dinner would suffice. Two nights before February 8 we couldn’t decide on where to dine on our special day then one topic let to another and before we knew it, we were planning our weekend in Baguio. We’re that spontaneous! Hahah.

But there’s one more problem, after pooling all our disposable money, I was faced with a dilemma. I could either use that money to shop my heart out or continue with our planned trip to Baguio. le BF was actually encouraging me to go shopping instead but I thought, I could always shop anytime but we don’t usually have an entire weekend free so Baguio it is! <3

One of the huts in Tam-awan Village.
Setup for the bonfire.
Chanced upon one of the cultural dances of the Natives at Tam-awan Village.
Small art gallery at Tam-awan Village.

After 6 hours on the bus, we arrived in Baguio at around 6:30pm so all we could do was eat out, stroll for a bit and then hit the sack early to prepare for the following day.

If you’re super hungry, 50’s Diner is the best place for you. Their food servings are ginormous!
Soda float or as they call it, “Mickey Mouse”. πŸ™‚
The cute little shoes shop where I bought the wedge boots I posted HERE.

DAY 2: Full on tourista mode! πŸ˜€

Boating early in the morning. I love how the sun was shining that morning combined with the fresh and cold air..
ahhh.  simple but romantic, don’t you think? πŸ™‚
Man-made lake in the middle of Burnham Park. <3
Touristang tourista lang ang peg. πŸ˜€
After going eating breakfast at Cafe By The Ruins and strolling around Burnham Park, we took a 15-min. cab ride to Botanical Garden and hopefully see more sites.
With the Natives at Botanical Garden.
It’s awesome how they incorporated different national traditions, statues and structures here.
Great shot, Honey! <3 Absolutely no filter or whatsoever.
le BF kept telling me how vibrant and fresh I looked that morning so I thought of including this picture. BTW, I only used Benefit Cosmetics’ face products here. And oh, could anyone tell me what plant is on the background? It looks so Christmas-y. πŸ˜€
Straberry taho, y’all!
le BF buying key chains as pasalubong for our classmates. I picked the wooden strawberry ones for the girls and BF got varying sizes of wooden.. uhmm.. guy’s private part for the boys.

After Botanical Garden, we asked around for the nearest tourist site and were told that The Mansion and Wright Park was not too far from where we were so we thought of going there first before looking for a decent place to eat. Again, hailing a cab was the easiest and fastest way to get to The Mansion but I saw a couple of horses and decided to just ride on one all the way to our next site.

My honey on a horsey. LOL!
On our way to Wright Park.

At the Butterfly Sanctuary.
We had lunch at Forest House Bistro & Cafe and then went back early to Tam-awan Village.

DAY 3: Shopping for more pasalubong!

On our last day in Baguio, we planned to get up super early to watch the sunrise in Mine’s View Park. But despite my best effort, the bed couldn’t let go of me so I ended up oversleeping. So yeah, sunrise for the lazy girl. LOL!

Inihaw dried pusit for brekky!
Had to my shirts for my siblings.
Pretty lanterns!
More pasalubong thingies at Tam-awan Village’s Souvenir Shop.
Of course I couldn’t go home without buying strawberries!
Baguio Museum.. what an interesting place to visit. 
Cover your junk! My blog has no space for nudity. LOL!
On our way back to Manila. <3

That’s it for our weekend in Baguio. πŸ™‚
I know this isn’t really beauty-related but thank you for reading.
See you on my next post! <3