If you haven’t seen where I got my makeup case, please check it out here. 🙂
(I placed my Neutrogena BB cream next to it so emphasize the height of the box)
Now, as promised, here’s a look of what I have inside my very bright, very orange makeup box. 
This is what it looks like when you open the lock.
TADAAA! My stash. 🙂
(Left side) I keep all my lipsticks, lip gloss and lip balms on the top layer. And on the next layer are my eyeliners, mascara, brow gel and other tools I use to groom my eyebrows. 
(Right side) Again it has 2 layers. The top layer has all my blushes and bronzers. Then on the 2nd layer, I have my single eyeshadows there. As well as my Cinema Secrets concealer.

(Bottom) After removing my Elf brush set, this is what the bottom part looks like. I keep all my palettes and other bulky items here. Some of my makeups are still inside their boxes either because their still new or I seldom use them. 🙂
I don’t keep my BB creams in my makeup box. Instead, I stash them together with my skincare products. 
A preview of my palettes:
* I will make a separate review for the palettes. 🙂