I tried doing this monthly favorites thing when I first started April last year but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sustain it because of my busy schedule and yes, my forgetfulness. LOL! But because it’s the start of another year – hopefully a great one for all of us – I’ll try it again. Here, I will be posting my top 8 favorite products, food, music, place or just about anything that I’ve been loving for the past month. So this post will be all about the things I enjoyed the most last month, January!

When I was writing down my favorites, I was actually surprised that no makeup was included on my list! Anyway, let’s start and you’ll see. πŸ™‚

Vintage Floral Shades from FLY

I think I saw a similar pair from Forever 21 but costs way more. I only got this for less than Php 300! I super love the design and the matching case. The floral design never fails to give my look an extra hint of ka-kikay-an! Also, the large frame came in handy when I couldn’t wear makeup except for lipstick and some brow products after I had my tiny face bumps (Milia) removed.
Steve Madden Solangee

This was a gift from my tita ninang last Christmas and currently, this is my most prized possession amongst all my lovely heels. Just look at those killer 6 inches heels and the neon yellow at the back! You gotta love that! <3

Apple Green Starbucks Planner
This is not my first SB planner but this is the first time I actually use it. Normally, I would just write my name and scribble on the first few pages for January and then and up not using it anymore. But this time around, I’m surprised that I’m actually writing almost every event down. Looks like I’m growing up to be a more mature and organized little gal. LOL! πŸ™‚
Personal MicroDermabrasion (PMD)

Read overview HERE.
I mean, come on! How can I not include this in every list I make? This is pure awesomeness in a portable handheld device! Sorry if I kept you waiting for the results but I want it to be super bongga as in you’ll really see the huge difference – just to give justice on how effective PMD really is.
Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It
Read review HERE.
My first S&G product surely didn’t disappoint me. SGD 19 for a 125mL 2-in1 scrub/mask is definitely worth it. With this, I no longer have to buy nose strips that cost Php 30 (SGD 1) a pop. So yeah, this may look more expensive at first but I actually save a lot by using this. πŸ™‚
The Face Shop Face & it WHite BB Sun Balm

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No, this is not makeup. Sunblock is a necessity and it won’t hurt if it comes in a cute and handy little compact, right? πŸ™‚ I got it during a TFS’ sale at Korea thru Seoul Catch so you could just imagine how cheap I got this for. Plus, the superior sun protection it offers (SPF50+, PA+++) is just what I need to brave the hot afternoon sun.
Celeteque DermoScience Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum

Read review HERE.

This is honestly my most favorite skincare product for both December and January. I can’t believe I got this for free from Sample Room! πŸ™‚ This serum is LOVE! It is easily absorbed by the skin despite its gel-type consistency and the effects are visible in just a matter of 3 weeks. I’m definitely repurchasing!
And last but definitely not the least,
Sun Cruise Dinner at Manila Bay

Read more HERE.

Hands down, the sweetest date I’ve ever been on and I’m sure your loved one would be thrilled to watch the fireworks at night during the cruise this V-day too! Guys, I really suggest going out on a limb here and book a reservation for this. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg so don’t worry. I’m sure your girlfriends would love it! <3

That’s about it! Those are my top picks for January, what’s yours?:)
See you on my next post!