Talk about starting the year with a bang! My BDJ January-February Box arrived yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised to see a box as big as their previous Elite BDJ Boxes. If you don’t know, the regular BDJ Boxes for monthly subscription is just half the size of the Elite Box. You can just imagine how elated I was when I received a huge box. It was rather heavy, too, which, for me, is a good sign because that only means I’m getting a lot of full-sized products and boy, was I right about that!
BDJ Box subscribers get a special edition Japanese themed box called Kawaii Must-HavesKawaii is a Japanese word that means cute, a style that uses bright colors – and that’s exactly what this box is.

January-February 2015 BDJ Box contains products from Japanese brands that have been making waves in the Philippine beauty market. I know because I’ve been using products from these brands way before this box came. Although the brand Sunkiller is kinda new to me, everything else in the box are from brands I’ve used a couple of times in the past year. This box came very timely, too, because I just emptied my nth bottle of Bifesta Lotion and Pixy Powder Foundation.
More about the individual products after the jump. πŸ™‚
 Lucido-L Styling Milk (70mL, Php295) – this day time hair supplement styles and treats your hair at the same time! Powered by Hyaluronic Acid, it coats hair strands for soft and tangle-free hair, with long-lasting, sweet and fruity-floral scent. It comes in 4 variants to suit whatever style you like.
Lucido-L Treatment Oil Perm (50mL, Php295) – a perfect fit for permed and colored hair, this overnight treatment will repair and maintain your soft and bouncy curls that you’ve always wanted! It can also serve as heat protection serum whenever you are styling your tresses.
Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence (30mL, Php495) – this water based Japanese sunscreen gel feels water-like and delivers superior UVA protection and can double as you makeup base. It applies like water and is sebum poof, leaving skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth.
Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Bright Up (300ml, PhP419) – this breakthrough makeup remover gently removes makeup and effectively cleanses skin. This is Japan’s first ever water-based makeup remover that absorbs impurities, leaving skin feeling fresh and moisturized without the oily feeling.
Pixy Eye Shadow (2.8g, Php315) – its micro-pearl formula creates a soft texture that makes it easy to apply and blend on your lids. Its two-color combination makes it easy to use. Combine it with other shades to create more eye makeup looks!
Pixy Blush On (3.5g, Php345) – this pretty blush will help you pull off that natural, cute flush on your cheeks, giving you a sweet and innocent glow whenever you smile. It also comes with a handy brush and built-in mirror for easy touch-ups!
Pixy Two Way Cake Fit (12.2g, Php275) – this powder formula blends perfectly for a smooth and long lasting base. Use it wet for more coverage, to dry for a natural look. It contains two way whitening squalene oil to prevent dry skin and SPF15 to protect your skin from sun damage.
Pixy Coverlast (10g, Php325) – this long lasting powder foundation from Pixy has Microsphere Powder that covers blemishes for a smooth, even and natural makeup look. It also controls oil and shine to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.
This month’s box also includes a magazine-like product catalog that contain step-by-step tutorials, beauty tips and tricks, product information and lots of discount coupons for brands under Mandom Corporation. And oh, it has pictures of the Pixy Blogger Event last year.. saw a tiny photo of myself there. Check it out. See if you can spot little ol’ me. Haha. <3
For the monthly subscription price of Php 580, I received 8 full-sized products worth Php 2,764 in total. I noticed that most BDJ Boxes are often worth this much, more or less, and it’s impressive how they are able to maintain such value per box. Each box is well-curated and they never fail to bring bellas, myself included, something new to try each month. BDJ Box always gives you your money’s worth. Great job, BDJ Team! <3 I look forward to seeing what you have in store in the coming months. πŸ™‚
What do you think of last month’s BDJ Box contents? Feel free to sound off on the comment section down below. You know the drill; just let me know if you want an in-depth review on a specific product. Comment them down below and I’ll see you on my next post!
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