Last January 12 marked one of Krave Minerale’s milestones as they celebrated their first year in the beauty industry. Not only that, they also launched a new and improved skincare and cosmetic line. The venue was the Palladium at New Worlds Hotel. And just by the way invites are sent, I knew it was big and exclusive. If I’m not mistaken, 150 people where invited this includes Krave’s clients, distributors, bloggers, press, friends and of course, their families. And I’m really glad to be able to celebrate this accomplishment with them. πŸ™‚
For the benefit of those who were living under a rock for the past year (joke!), Krave Minerale Cosmeteuticals  is a local company & brand of mineral make up & organic skin care products that has been causing a buzz in the blogosphere for almost a year now. They offer products from facial washes to foundations to lip glosses – all from organic ingredients.
The brilliant – not to mention pretty – lady behind Krave, Ms. Katrina Chua, is such an inspiration to all beauty junkies like me. At the age of 24, she was able to build a growing beauty empire and be a mother and wife at the same time. I gotta hand it to her, she knows how to make money from what she loves and manage her time well.

Here comes the Krave models!
They were holding placards with their “before/bare” faces and then while working it on the catwalk, they removed the placards and flaunted their “after Krave” faces which was stunningly beautiful to say the least! Of all the models, one pair was the most memorable – the guy with the killer cheekbones and big afro and the gorgeous girl that looked a lot like Nam from Crazy Little Thing Called Love. 
The most awaited part of the night; the unveiling of the new lines!
The entire skincare line was revamped! They look simple and elegant in their new red and white packaging. Several products, like the moisturizer that Raych was eager to try, was also added to the line up.

The new classy black packaging of their makeup line makes it look high-end and expensive! A lot of new products are added too. The wide range of makeup products make it harder to choose which one to get. LOL! Although I am really intrigued by the veggie mascara and brow powder. Oh also the blush with sponge applicator on top! That would be very convenient to use! How I wish they gave us a press kit so I can show you the awesome new line.. πŸ™‚

There you have it, Ms. Trina and her new babies. I can’t wait to try them! πŸ™‚
Instead of giving us loot bags with random products in it, we were given a P1000 gift certificate that can be used to try their products. I actually like it better this way. At least I won’t end up with a product that won’t be using much – I can use it to get the Veggie Mascara! Yey!

Here are some shots with fellow bloggers Kim, Iya and Raych at the photobooth:

And of course, here’s an awkward photo of me.. infront of the camera alone.
It feels so weird. I knew it, my modelling potential is less than zero! LOL!

I can’t wait to spend my GC on Krave’s newest products! My eyes are super sensitive to mascaras and other eye products so I’m planning to get their Veggie Mascara when it comes out – no mascara can be milder and more suitable to sensitive eyes than a mascara made of natural ingredient, I guess.

How about you, which product are you waiting for? πŸ™‚