An outdated beauty article I’ve read before said that anti-aging products should be incorporated into one’s skincare routine once we hit the big 3-0 because this is when signs of aging surface. But then again, it can’t be as simple as that. Stresses of urban life, the environment, pollution and even UV light can be factors that influence the way skin looks and ages. All these factors can cause not just the appearance of lines, but also dark spots and unevenness of the skin, which are sure signs of aging, too.
It’s the modern times, ladies. We take on as much responsibilities as men do; work, family, and social life. And so as hardworking woman living a fast-paced lifestyle, we deserve a product that is as persistent and hardworking as we are, right? The all-new L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Total Care promises to give our skin the lift it needs, making our skin look young and stress-free in just 4 weeks!

Sometime last month, I was invited to the media launching of the newest addition to the L’Oreal Revitalift Total Care range. The event was held in SM Makati where they setup a nice little area with LED screen, tables, a lovely makeup area where their products were on display, and small machine used to analyze the skin age.
So apparently my skin age is 29… that’s 6 years older than my actual age! All this time I thought my skin is doing well since I haven’t had any serious breakouts for the past year, and barely any pimple mark left on my cheek area. As it turns out, fine lines and wrinkles are already starting to show around my eyes and forehead. Argh! Gotta get myself a new skincare regimen!
When I attend blogger events, the makeup station is usually my first stop. I’m like a kid playing with new toys on Christmas day with these testers, haha! <3
Now L’Oreal has come up with another breakthrough product in the form of Revitalift Laser by L’Oréal Paris – Laser Total Care. It is said to correct lines, reduce dark spots, and even out skin tone. Let’s allow the experts to talk more about the product.
“Revitalift Laser X3 from L’Oréal Paris, with its triple anti-aging power, has become the greatest weapon by thousands of women all over the world in the battle against facial signs of stress and premature aging, and at L’Oréal Paris Philippines, we believe that hardworking Filipinas are no exception to this. They deserve only the best and most hardworking products that will keep them looking young and stress-free because every Filipina is worth it,” shared Gela Encanto, Senior Product Manager of L’Oréal Paris.
L’Oreal Paris Philippines invited over a hundred Filipino women to embark in this transformational activity called RevitaSessions where they tested the participant’s skin age and documented their four-week journey using Revitalift Laser. The results showed great improvement in just 4 weeks! With the addition of Total Care to the Revitalift Laser franchise, which is inspired by Laser technology, L’Oréal invites Filipino women to join this Laser revolution!
The science behind these beautiful transformations? Manifestations of facial signs of stress such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, rough and dull skin, and lack of radiance are targeted by Revitalift Laser Total Care’s 3% Pro-Xylane, a molecule to remodel facial skin structures that become disorganized with aging and stress, and L-Niacide which clarifies dark spots.
To prove how light and creamy the new L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Total Care is, here’s Tellie testing it out during the demonstration. I tried it out myself and I can vouch for its incredible consistency. It’s as soft as a souffle, as light on the skin as a serum and best of all, it as good as a primer in terms of filling in pores and lines for a smoother canvass. I can’t attest just yet on how effective the L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Total Care is… but soon. *wink!
With the newest product from the renowned skincare franchise Revitalift by L’Oréal Paris, you now have a daily, advanced and dermatologically tested anti-aging ally in lifting away your facial signs of stress for younger and stress-free skin with Laser Total Care. Give yourself the much-needed lift that you need starting for only Php1499.
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