Ahhh.. a long soothing bath and an at-home skin pampering after cleaning and organizing all day long. Ok technically it wasn’t really an entire day because I had to go out for a couple of hours for my final driving lesson but still, I did clean my room before and after that. I was finally convinced that my room needed a major cleaning spree after seeing all the clutter my makeup was making. And now my room looks super neat and unusually bright. I look forward to abusing my bed tonight for my much-needed beauty rest. 

But just before I do that, let me first announce the winner for my Love Month Giveaway Series #4: ELF EYES.

It’s none other than,

Congratulations! Please email me your shipping details at joelle_celline@yahoo.com or you can just simply send me a message on Facebook. If prizes are not claimed within 10 days, it will be forfeited.
Like I said on my recent update on my Facebook Fan Page, the end of this giveaway is to give way for another, MORE exciting giveaway. And this time it’s sponsored by a new shop called The Primp Pad. If everything goes smoothly, the giveaway will be up in a few hours so keep an eye out for it. *wink

Good luck and see you on my next post. <3