Whenever our family goes to Alabang Town Center for a quick meal, we usually pick Banaple because we get to watch how handmade candies are made in Made In Candy (MIC) while waiting to be seated. We used to think that the designs were stamped on each candy, but upon seeing how each design came to be, it only peaks our interest even more. So when I was invited to experience candy-making firsthand, I just had to say yes.
A quick background: Made in Candy (MIC) first made its debut in the Philippines in the year 2012, with their first store located at the bridge way of the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City. MIC was an idea born from the obsession with candies. Made In Candy is Asia’s first independent candy kitchen. At Made in Candy, candy artisans sculpt contemporary handmade candies using methods to craft pictures and messages at the center of each candy.

A range of over forty designs and flavors of bite-size rocks spread across their retail offering. MIC uses the best quality sugar and specially imported raw materials to ensure that products maintain its strict quality. Natural flavors from Europe are flown for formulation in professional laboratories in Singapore that bring out the best taste in every candy they make.

Prices of retail rock candies are as follows:
35g small jar = 90php | 70g medium jar = 150php | 135g large jar = 260php | 70g foil bag = 100php

At Made in Candy, the candy-making is performed in front of eager customers waiting to try a warm and freshly made piece. The open kitchen and the friendly candymen surely catch the attention of passer-by’s and customers. As the expert that I am in making handmade candies *ehem ehem*, I’ll walk you through the entire process.

But before anything else, we were asked to wear two layers of gloves because these candies ready do pack some serious heat. Enough to cause second-, if not third-, degree burns. Ouch! No worries, though. The MIC team was very cautious and considerate enough to only let us handle the “kiddie stuff”, haha!

First, the colorless candy flavor is boiled until it is gooey and soft. The concoction is then transferred to a flat surface to divide it before adding the food coloring. The coloring itself doesn’t affect the flavor but it is needed to create each design.

Because my boyfriend and I lovingly call each other ‘piggy’ (I’m sure you’ll be able to guess why), they decided to have us create their famous piggy rock candy design. So with that, the gooey candy flavor was apportioned into red, white and black.
We started the design by covering two black rolls with the pink one to create the pig’s nose and then enveloping this with black to create the outline for the nose. From there it was just about piling on the details like the eyes and ears with the appropriate black outline, of course. The last part of the design was the white background. All these were done on a hot surface to prevent the candy from hardening, and to keep the candy malleable enough to mold to our piggy design.
By the end of the design development, the candy was about 4kg in weight and more than 5 inches in diameter. Now that’s an enormous candy! Imagine munching on that. I’m pretty sure my teeth would start falling out within minutes, haha.

To turn our gigantic piggy candy into bite-sized treats, we had to lift up the whole thing in a “choke hold” and drag it carefully to elongate it. If this was a real pig, anti-animal cruelty groups would be protesting right about now, haha. I’m kidding, of course. πŸ˜›

Stretching out the design into strips was a bit tricky. The pressure has to be just right to get the desired thickness, else the candies would be too thin and the pattern would be uneven. I would know because I had about a foot-long of reject because I tugged on it too much. Sayang!

The candy immediately cools and becomes brittle as soon as it leaves the heated surface, thus allowing us to cut through it with just a tap of the knife. A few more *chop* and we got ourselves some handmade piggy rock candies! <3
And oh, we also got to practice our lollipop-making skills using the excess product. It was exactly how I did lollipop out of Play Doh Clay when I was a kid. Hahaha. Create a long strip, twirl it from the center and stick a handle on the bottom; viola, lollipop! πŸ˜€
One design usually takes about 30-45 minutes to create, that’s without amateur candy-makers like me fooling around the kitchen. I think we took a little more than an hour for our piggy rock. So with just the amount of time and effort given to each design, I realized that handmade candy is more than just a sweet delicacy; it’s a symbolic tribute- as well as a perfect gift to bring meaning to someone.
Thank you so much, DJ and the rest of the Made In Candy ATC branch, for the fun afternoon. For what it’s worth, it was the first blog-related event my boyfriend actually enjoyed. On our way home he said he was expecting to be “benched” like the other events he accompanied me before. I can’t thank you enough for the awesome experience. Now, I can explain how handmade candies are made to my siblings next time we wait to be seated at Banapple. *wink!

Aside from their increasing array of designs, Made In Candy also custom-make candies to fit different themes. They can customize or personalize your rock candy for any occasion, in any color, in any flavor. These are perfect as weddings favors or even birthday souvenirs!

For custom orders, Made In Candy requires a minimum of four (4) kilos, which is still highly dependent on the customer’s design. Lead time in producing the candies is 2 weeks.

Here’s the basic quotation for the min order: (4) kilos, 3 color rock candy with 6 letters or characters will yield: 114 Small Jars (35g) = P11,605.44 | 57 Medium Jars (70g) = P9,690.24 | 29 Large Jars (135g) = P8,658.72 | 57 Foil Bags (70g) = P8,221.92 | 133 Foil Bags (30g) = P 8732.64

I’m giving away 10 Small Jars of Everything (Mixed Designs) to two lucky winners, 5 for each. And as always, the steps are easy peasy! Just wait for the Rafflecopter widget below to load. :*

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Congratulations! The winners should pick up their prize at any of the MIC branches: Powerplant Rockwell, SM Megamall, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4 or Mall of Asia. <3 Please email me at joelle_celline@yahooc.com or message me on Facebook within the next 3 days indicating your name (as stated in one of your valid ID’s for verification) and branch for pick-up. Wait for my confirmation from the store branch before the pick up. Thank you! πŸ˜€

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