I maybe a late bloomer when it comes to blogging, but not
with makeup. I knew makeup is something I thoroughly enjoy at an early age. And so while a lot of my classmates back in high school were fighting for their time
in the limelight for different plays, I would always volunteer to do their makeup
for extra credits instead. Nothing about the stage appeals to me, but
doing their makeup brings me so much joy. Yes, we did a Noli Me Tangere play in
high school and it didn’t matter if I was doing the makeup of Maria Clara,
Donya Consolacion or even Crisostomo Ibarra, as long I can play experiment with
my very limited kit. I was never the best, but I was more than willing to
learn, which is what I’ve been doing until now. 🙂
Fast forward to my college years, I remember one of the
first makeup brand’s I’ve ever owned was Maybelline New York, mainly because it was
affordable. It was fine, but I always wanted to try high-end brands. I kept
saving my allowance to try other brands. And thanks to my blog, I got to try a
lot of new brands and products.. and by a lot, I do mean A LOT. I often think of
the things I wouldn’t have tried if not for my blog, and I’m always grateful
for everything.
The funny thing is that; even after trying a handful of high-end brands, brands that are more expensive by ten-folds than Maybelline, I found myself going back to it for my everyday use. Now, I can say that I use it not because I don’t have the means to get myself something better; but because it’s actually a great brand. Well, I wouldn’t let my little sister build her started makeup kit with a bunch of Maybelline products if they aren’t good, you know. I consider my baby sis as my mini-me no matter how much we argue, and given my makeup collection, I want her to get a better start at it than what I had then. 🙂
I have a few favorite HG products from high-end brands, and
some Maybelline products that could really compete with luxury brands when it
comes to quality. Take the Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara for example. It’s less than Php
200 but its way better than other mascaras that cost a thousand bucks a pop. So
yeah, no matter how big my makeup collection becomes, I know I’d always have a
place for Maybelline products. 🙂GIVEAWAY TIME! To join, head over to my Instagram account. Follow me (@celline08) and regram my most recent photo (same photo as the FIRST one on this post) with the hashtag #MaybellineNYFWxCelline08. One (1) lucky winner will win a special Maybelline gift pack worth Php1,000. This giveaway is exclusive on Instagram, starting November 3, 2015 until next week, November 18. Announcement of winner will be on this post. <3



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