Ok, this one is a super late post. As in few months late. I was even thinking about not posting it because it may be irrelevant. :/
Nonetheless, I decided to post this to share my experience to those who are looking for something to do this summer at a very reasonable price. πŸ™‚
I know most makeup workshops like Center for Aesthetics offer 3-hour makeup workshop for Php 2500. I didn’t have that much cash to shell out so I had to look for any alternative. And I came across with Le Faerie‘s ad on Sulit.com.
The ad was very enticing, I must say. It was offering a 5-6hour workshop for Php 1800. And that not the best part. They also gave free makeup products worth Php 1000 (if I remember correctly). And again, the fee also included lunch, use of their makeup and tool, brushes and a certificate (I forgot to get mine though).
A. Basic tools and their uses
B.  How to shape your eyebrows
C. Products and their Functions
D. Correctors and Color Wheel Discussion and Demonstration
E. Achieving the correct color of foundation
F. Facial Coverage (Hide skin imperfections, discolorations and flaws)
G. The art of facial contouring and highlights
H. Smoky Eyes for Day and Night

So yah, I immediately enrolled for the said workshop. πŸ™‚
The place was small compared to any makeup studio but will fit perfectly for small groups.. which was nice since when I attended, there was only two of us. So it was more like a one-on-one makeup session. πŸ™‚
They have TONS of makeup brands to choose from. As in from MAC to NARS to Body Shop and their own makeup line and brushes.
I’ve been blabbing alot, I know. Here’s the final look. πŸ™‚

Close Up!

BTW, these are the normal freebies included:
Two-shade Blush.
2 Opaque Lipgloss.
But I opt to pay additional Php 600, I think, to get a palette instead. πŸ™‚
My 88 palette. <3
** some pictures are from Le Faerie Cosmetics’ page.