Late last year, I was contacted by the Matrix Professional team. I opened their email like all other emails that I get.. little did I know that something huge was waiting for me. Sponsorships and affiliations are nothing new to me and in some occasions, the partnership would be called brand ambassador program. Although nothing was nearly as big as this internationally renowned brand had in mind. It was definitely a step up I was more than willing to take.

The very first Matrix Brand Ambassador Event happened December last year at the L’Oreal Academie. Yes, this post is way overdue but I really wanted to take my time to write it. I didn’t want to squeeze it in between breaks and rush writing about it. I know you guys understand. πŸ™‚ 

Like me, I know a lot of you don’t know much about the brand so here’s a quick background. Matrix, created by Mr. Arnie Miller, is a sister company of L’Oreal. It is the #1 American Salon Brand in the World with over 33 years of salon success. The brand is currently present in 57 countries worldwide. It’s been in the Philippines for 8 years now, making beautiful hair available in over 2,500 salons nationwide.

Matrix, being a forefront in trendsetting and fashion, scouted bloggers who would embody the brand – girls who are hip, fun and energetic. From a pool of beauty and lifestyle bloggers, I was one of the privileged ones. I can’t express how honored I am to be part of Matrix’s Ambassador program together with big time fashion bloggers like Verniece Enciso, Dominique Tiu and Alyssa Lapid. Not even in my wildest dream did I ever think I would qualify to be part of this. Indeed, this was a great opportunity for me. <3
Here’s me deciding which hair color to try with the video crew capturing a few “candid” moments for the video. Feeling like a celebrity. Teehee. I originally wanted to get my hair dyed red, as in all out red. But I was starting my internship then and the auditing firm had a strict policy about keeping a professional look. So that meant no wild red hair for me.. and brown could be a bit too boring for my taste so the Matrix team suggested I try something from their new line of services called Dual Colors
Forgive my boyfriend’s silly face.. or should I say EX-boyfriend. HAHA! Kidding aside, this guy waited for hours for me to get my hair done. Not every guy is that patient.. and I’m grateful for that. <3
Anyway, from the name itself, Dual Colors, you’ve probably figured out that it meant getting highlights but what’s unique is where they placed the streaks. Unlike the ordinary highlights, mine was in the middle. Yep, you read it right – middle. They basically colored my hair a warm brown shade and then to give it more depth, golden brown highlights were applied. Think tri-color but more subtle and better suited for the corporate world. New York Chic, to put it simply.
Viola! Subtle, sexy streaks strategically hidden in the mid section of my hair. I so love my pee-a-boo highlights! Even more so when my fellow interns would say “Uy may highlights ka pala?” whenever the caress my hair or pull it into a half bun. 
You know I adore my highlights because I keep on posting about it on my Instagram account. Seriously, I couldn’t be happier with the result. It’s unique in all accounts but very easy to pull off – not just for the fashion-forward few. Don’t get me wrong though; I still plan on getting my hair dyed red this summer. After graduation perhaps? We’ll see. πŸ™‚
Hair: Check! Makeup: Check!
Gotta have my idiot board ready for the video shoot! Oh by the way, prior the shoot, we were asked to bring an outfit we think best describes our personality. Mine was this – leather dress with sheer cut-off detailing on top paired with leather coat that has plaid sleeves to give the all black ensemble a little color.
I’m not very particular when it comes to accessories but I do love shoes. Here I wore my deadly red pumps with crazy sharp spikes. If you know me personally, you’d know that I go gaga over anything with spikes. These pumps alone could tell you all you need to know about my personality – edgy, girly and a little crazy at times. So do you think I have what it takes to publish more outfit post? HAHA! 
What’s left now is the BTS. I swear I was super awkward during the shoot. Good thing the entire Matrix team were there supporting and coaching me throughout the shoot. And despite the nerve-wrecking thumps of my heart, I got to enjoy the experience.
Please don’t judge. I know I look awkward and whatnot on my poster but then again, it was my first ever BTS. I was extremely nervous the entire time. Hey, at least now I can say that even once in my life I got to have a poster of myself and even a standee to boot – yep, a freakin’ standee! How awesome is that?!
P.S I’m not quite impressed with my makeup here. It made me all too tan and not in a good way. Even my boyfriend noticed it. I assure you, I don’t look that tan and oily in person. πŸ™
Like I said, what I had done to my hair was the New York Chic Dual Colors Highlight. Basically the streaks are on the mid section of the hair, visible only when I tie my hair in a half pony. If you’re looking for a bolder look, go for the Miami Glam Dual Colors Highlight – like the traditional highlights, they’re on top.

You know how high maintenance colored locks could be, right? Sometimes the maintenance treatment costs more than the actual hair color service so I personally prefer at-home treatments. *wink!
One of the many privileges of being a Matrix Ambassador is that I get to indulge into such luxurious haircare treat. Everyday Biolage, y’all! I’ve been using these since the start of the year and not only did it preserve my lovely blonde streaks but it also made it more vibrant, if that’s even possible! I mean, seriously. Instead of fading, my highlights look better and better as time passes. Review on these soon!