I love shopping! Every time I go to the mall, I can’t help but buy something. It may be a well-researched purchase of a new foundation or another impulsive shoe shopping… ANYTHING! My mom even told me once that it seemed like I hate money because I always want to spend it (Galit sa pera in Tagalog). So when I checked my last haul post, I was surprised how little I shared and how long before another haul post followed it. 
Here’s some of the this I bought with my own money, sent by sponsors/relatives or prizes won from giveaways. Prices and links (just click the store’s name) are posted below the pictures. Detailed reviews are to follow.

REAL TECHNIQUES by Samantha Chapman Core Collection Brush Set
Stuff in Style | Php 930

I first heard about this brand of brushes during Ana’s Meet and Greet. Before that, I seriously don’t have any clue who the Pixiwoos were! Yes, I know. I suck – big time. LOL! Anyway, Ate Myla of Fabshopaholic said they were great brushes so when I saw that Stuff in Style sells them – at a very affordable price, I just had to buy them! This set actually costs a little more than Php 1250 but Stuff in Style sells them for only Php 930! πŸ˜€
MUST HAVE Travel Kit

My boyfriend actually won this in one of EH’s hourly raffle during their Playhouse Pink Fair last April. But since we missed the announcement (we were eating when they announced the winner), we had to go back to SM North Edsa to pick up the prizes. But get this, my boyfriend didn’t bring his ID! He had to go all the way back from Cavite the following day. LOL! Anyway, he knew he couldn’t keep this to himself because he has a very kikay girlfriend who wants to try them so he gave them up. πŸ˜€
Suesh Share & Win Prizes
Suesh Sponge Puff | Php 550
Suesh Cosmetic Set | Php 375
Suesh Sparkling Dust Puff | Php 150
I feel so lucky! I rarely win giveaways and now look! I won all these goodies just by sharing a picture. No, I’m not selling Suesh cosmetics nor am I promoting them in this particular post. I’m just sharing how easy I got these. I was really bored and I saw the picture (I think Jannah shared it that’s why it was in my News Feed). As I was saying, it was really late and I just finished a blog post when I saw the post. I mindlessly shared it. After a week or two, an email announced that I was one of the 10 winners. Cool, right?
Anyway, if you read my blog, you’ll know I already have a same sponge puff (in orange! so cute). I don’t need two, right? You, girls, think I should give it away? πŸ˜€

E.L.F Loot from New York

E.L.F Cosmetics | Php 129.75 ($1)

Even before E.L.F was sold in department stores, I was already a loyal customer to the brand! Heck, my first ever makeup related splurge was on an E.L.F 11-pcs. Studio Line Brush Set which I ordered from the internet. Back then, I had to get all my E.L.F products online. But just when E.L.F launches their brand in the Philippines, my tita ninang decided to send me E.L.F products all the way from New York. Oh the irony. LOL! Oh well, I just can’t help but love the brand. The super affordable price tag never compromised the brand’s quality.
MAC Nail Lacquer

MAC Cosmetics | $16

Another thing that came in the package tita ninang sent us. I’m not really a nail polish addict simply because I always end up with chipped nails. I admit, I’m careless and lazy. But who wouldn’t love MAC? It’s not as prone to breakage and chipping like Caronia or Bobbie but not as good as New York Kiss (the one I got from Wish Trend) Read review HERE. For this MAC Nail Lacquer: durability wise, so-so.


Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake | Php 399
IN2IT Brow Cake | Php 200+
Etude House Color My Brow | Php 328
Shawill Fale Lashes | Php 50+

These are some of the things I got when my sister and I went shopping for her school supplies. I just had to sneak in some makeup products for myself. LOL! I wanted to try FS’ two way cake because of Eloisa of kikaysimaria‘s review. The brow cake; I saw it from Ms. Noe Mae‘s tutorial. We all know how unbelievably perfect she does her brows… so I decided to buy the same product she was using. LOL!

Revlon ColorStay | Php 550
L’oreal Magic Perfecting Base Primer | Php 550
When 2 YouTube gurus suggested L’oreal Magique Primer, I decided to get one. But when I checked, this costs Php 940+ at any L’oreal counters. Thank God for all the online shops that sell affordable US brand makeups. LOL! I think it took me about a day of canvassing before I found this online shop. But since they only have 15 pieces of this and apparently, they are selling like pancakes, I had to go to the bazaar to make sure I get my hands on one. The trip to the bazaar was worth it because I got it for only half the mall price! 

Check out their page for individual prices
They were on sale during the SuperB by SuperSale so I got these for only Php 1270. I’ve read about this brand from different fellow bloggers. They kept raving about it so I decided to give it a try. Plus, I got to meet Ms. Trina, the gorgeous owner of Krave. I’m so excited to do a review on these.

This loot was sent to me by Ate Dee of Skye Avenue.

Blush Crush in Pink Muffin | Read review HERE
Moisturizing Lip Shimmer in Berry Martini | Read review HERE

Online shop that customizes accessories? Now that’s something you don’t usually see in the online market! Actually before sending my anything, Ms. Joy of Manic by Purple Cow asked about the color and designs I feel comfortable with. So when I got these, I really felt like they were meant for me. I honestly love it!
By the way, the picture above is for a giveaway. Who’s excited? πŸ˜€
Everything is from Eazy Fashion.

Braided Wrist Watch | WS: Php 232, R: Php 350
Leopard Heart Bangle Set | WS: Php 169, R: Php 285
88 Warm Makeup Palette | WS: Php 628, R: Php 788
A gift from Eazy Fashion for hosting a successful giveaway and becoming one of their regular bloggers. I admit, this is one of the perks of being a blogger. But what made me create my own blog is not the free stuff. Honestly, it’s my lack of a constant girl companion. No, I’m not a loner. I have my friends but I spend most of my time with my boyfriend since my close girl buddies took up different courses. So I had to find an outlet for my ka-kikayan. LOL!
E.L.F Pouch

Another E.L.F loot. This one is a freebies from Glaminar Makeup Artistry Workshop I attended. Of all the posts I said I was excited to write, this one tops my list. It was super fun and we got to take home a lot of goodies. We were given a huge paper bag full of makeups and accessories from Fabshopaholic plus this pouch with awesome E.L.F products. It was worth every centavo!
ETUDE HOUSE Skincare Products

Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam | Php 328
AC Clinic Acne Red Spot Balm | Php 578
Be Clear Sheet Mask | Php 98
I seriously have the worst skin ever! I never experienced this kind of breakouts in my 20 years of existence. I don’t know what happened but I found myself trying every single anti-pimple product there is. I hope this works! *fingers crossed

By the way, I’m not really a Shinee fan so if you like, maybe I can add this to my Etude House giveaway next month? Again, just let me know. πŸ˜€
Lastly, DIABLO 3 for my supportive boyfriend.

My blog isn’t entirely from my own doing. Most of the geeky codes and editing was done by my boyfriend. I can’t emphasize how much he helped my with this blog. Every time I felt like deleting my blog, he never fails to come up with new gimmicks to make me think otherwise. LOL! As a form of thank you, I bought him a PC game. My biggest splurge of the month. LOL! 
That’s about it.
I just realized, this post is way too long and I have plenty of products to do a review on. Let me know which ones are you interested to read so I can prioritize it when doing my “to review” list. Thanks!