First day of May, I, together with 2 very sweet bloggers, launched this giveaway for all our lovely readers. So let me just take this time to thank Eloisa of Kikaysimaria and Jannah of Life is Beautiful for allowing a newbie blogger like myself to do a collab with them. And of course, Ate Myla for sponsoring this giveaway.
Now, it’s time for us to pick 2 lucky winners who will receive these goodies from FABSHOPAHOLIC.
And the winners are:
*Chenen chen!
Now the question is, which set goes to who? 
SET A goes to:
Myrtle Alaiza Cortez Garcel
You will receive the following items courtesy of FABSHOPAHOLIC:
– (1) Sleek i Divine Palette in Original
– (1) NYX Round Lipstick in Fig
– (1) Gel Line in No.6
– (1) MyGlam Cocktail Ring
– (1) MyGlam Earrings
– (1) Blair Headpiece
– (1) MyGlam Beaded Bracelet
Her winning entry is:

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And Set B goes to…
Malou Espanol
You will receive the following items courtesy of FABSHOPAHOLIC:
 (2) NYX Nail Polish in Poppy & Florida Orange
– (1) NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Jade Pearl
– (1) Densy Nail Polish Remover in Blueberry
– (1) Models Own Lipstick in Baby Pink
– (1) Forever21 Earring Set
– (1) MyGlam Earrings
– (1) MyGlam Cocktail Ring
– (1) MyGlam Bracelet
– (1) MyGlam Necklace

Her winning entry:
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Congratulation, girls! I’ll PM/DM and email both of you tonight. You have 3 days to reply. Else, I will be forced to draw new winners. 🙂