A few weeks ago I shared my Top 5 Makeup Removers and I got quite a lot of questions regarding the proper way of removing mascara. And just last week, when I published the first part of the #MUSTcara series, I reader said she refuses to wear mascara on a daily basis because it causes her eyelashes to fall out. This alarmed me a bit, to be honest. I mean, mascaras should not intimidate you. Instead, you should educate yourselves on how to properly remove your makeup.
What I’m trying to say is that the fall out might not be induced by the use of mascara but rather the improper removal of it. Sometimes when are in a hurry to remove our makeup, we tend to tug on our lashes with excessive force.  What I’ll share is not the only proper way to remove mascara but this is basically how I remove my mascara every single day. I’ve been using mascara since high school and so far, this method hasn’t caused my eyelashes to fall out so I might as well share it. 🙂

First, using a cotton pad drenched with makeup remover, I patch it over my closed eye for a minute to allow the mascara to breakdown without exerting much force. Then I lightly drag the cotton pad going downward and when I’m sure the makeup remover has loosen up the mascara, I softly pinch my lashes to remove any mascara residue. The mascara tends to transfer to the area below the eyes. Don’t worry, just wipe it off. See [on the 4th photo], not a strand of eyelash was removed, just tiny fibers from the mascara. The key here is just to be gentle.
TIP: Use a makeup remover that doesn’t sting your eyes. In my case, I prefer using water-based makeup removers for the eye area.
Well, that’s basically how I remove my mascara without accidentally plucking off my lashes in the process. I hope this gives you an idea on how to remove your mascara properly and, hopefully you would no longer be intimidated of wearing mascara because of the fall out. 🙂
And oh, I’m currently using Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara (Starting July 1, this awesome mascara gets even more affordable!). I love how the gel-like consistency helps build up the layers for volume but at the same time, it is easy to remove. As you can see on the photo above, it tends to ball up and effortlessly flake off when removed. By the way, the Maybelline Makeup Madness is extended until the end of June. You might want to hoard your favorite Maybelline products like what I did. I’ll show you my favorites on my next #MUSTcara post. Anyway, there are two more #MUSTcara posts to come. How do you like them so far? <3