Missed the #MUSTcara series? Sorry it took a while, and you probably already know why I’ve skipped a few Saturdays. ๐Ÿ™‚ But don’t worry, we saved the best for last. I know I’ve been singing praises for the Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara for weeks now.. so in this final post, we’ll be doing a bit of a “beauty experiment”, so to speak. I’m so excited about this one. <3
Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara is packed with lightweight volumizing black-gel formula. Its breakthrough formulation allows multiple layers without looking clumpy and it is able to hold volumized curl. It is said to be smudge-proof which makes it perfect in creating a lasting impression during the day and making the most of your girls night out. But don’t just take my word for it. This last installment of the #MUSTcara series will be your proof, to settle your unvoiced reservations about the product. ๐Ÿ™‚
Now for the smudge test!
With a pair of false lashes, I applied brand X on the left and then Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara on the right. I didn’t put it on my own lashes because the next step may irritate my eyes. In order to mimic the oil our face naturally produces, I scooped a dollop of cream and applied it on both pair of lashes. Both mascaras didn’t smudge then, but to simulate how I normally rub my eyes, I started rubbing the cream. This is when brand X began to smudge.

Same amount of cream and pressure was applied on both lashes, but as you can see, brand X was easily smudged whereas Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara remained intact. Imagine this happening to you, not with cream of course, but with oil and sweat. Can you say raccoon eyes? Eww.. very unattractive!

I guess there’s nothing more to say. This experiment just reinforces why I absolutely love Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara. So no, not all mascaras are created equal. Now that you’ve seen it, you know which mascara to get in case you’re in a tight budget. *wink!
Price: Php199
Available at: Maybelline Counters in Watsons and Other Leading Department Stores
“Like” Maybelline on Facebook: www.facebook.com/maybellinephilippines
Have you tried this before? What do you think?
Feel free to sound off on the comment box below and I’ll see you on my next post! ๐Ÿ˜€

**Disclaimer: The lash kit used was provided by Maybelline PH, but this didn’t affect the experiment or the result thereof.