From this blog alone you’ll probably have an idea how I’m indoor-kind-of-girl. But when my boyfriend asked me to go hiking with his family while we were in Atimonan, Quezon the other week, I just had to go and try to impress them. LOL! Well, my initial plan has the word F-A-I-L written all over it because just after an hour I was already sweating like a pig with my tongue sticking out. Though I would still like to take pride on the fact that I  managed to get down from the mountains without being carried. One thing’s for sure though, my body ached so bad  that the first thing I did upon arriving to Manila the following day was schedule a massage appointment at Asian Massage.

Asian Massage is a growing massage place that start way back in 2002. They have quiet a number of branches in the Metro but they also offer honest to goodness home services. I know, this kind of service has the connotation of the typical malicious “extra” service but as far as their company policy is concerned, this kind of “services” cannot be attained from Asian Massage.
Waiting Lounge.

Upon entering the authentic Asian-inspired building, a huge lounge is located besides the receptionist’s desk. Through a door is another room and using thick, heavy curtails, it is divided into private spaces. The space is a bit small since I noticed that the therapist is having a hard time moving around but she was able to manage to do so without ruining the relaxing ambiance. An average, low-rise bed is at the middle of the room. Above it hung a soft, silky robe for a change in clothing. I’m not a big fan of robes but this one is really soft and feels awesome against the skin. I’m now contemplating whether to buy a robe for my personal use at home. LOL! Also, if you feel uncomfortable being in your underwear, worry not for they also have this skirt/short. πŸ™‚

Private Cubicle/Room.

The room doesn’t really have much bearing for me when it comes to massage places. As long as there’s a bed and a soothing ambiance, it’s all the same to me. And one thing Asian Massage excelled in is fostering a cozy yet very calm vibe. It feels so secure inside. The clean, yellow-lit, aromatic room combined with Enya playing on repeat is the perfect combo for a relaxing space.

Silk Robe & Skirt.
Now for the main reason for actually visiting a massage salon; the service itself. For as low as Php 300, there’s already a wide range of massage types to choose from. Everything sounded equally relaxing to me that I had to ask the receptionist which one would he recommend. According to him, customers usually go for the Shiatsu & Therapeutic Massage. I went with that one.

My session started with a dry, pressured-massage beginning from the lower half of my body moving upward. Following this is the typical oil massage using a slightly floral-scented oil that isn’t too greasy. Again, it started on the lower going to the upper part of my body giving much emphasis on my shoulder blades and lower back where I usually feel strained. Honestly, I thought how she massages my shoulder blade area was a bit too rough and I was afraid it would ache more the following day. Guess what, it didn’t! What a relief. Lastly, the therapist massaged my entire body, yet again, with a hot wet towel to remove the oil. This last step is actually new to me since most of the other massage I’ve had didn’t do this.. I like it, I didn’t have to wear my clothes feeling oily and sticky. <3

The whole experience was really great. I seriously felt like a spineless jellyfish when I walked out of there! It was really relaxing and invigorating. Maybe too relaxing – I kinda fell asleep in between the session. Now, I’m ready to face another summer adventure. I’m definitely going back to Asian Massage for another session.

Reception Area.
My apologies for not taking more pictures. I was kinda shy since the place was really quiet and solemn. I didn’t want my camera flash to ruin the tranquility of the place. Also, it might disturb other customers who are there to relax. Anyway, if you’re really curious, you could visit the place here:
(MAIN) Ground Floor Goldrich Mansion Bldg. 4658 Cuangco Street corner 
South Superhway Brgy Pio Del Pilar Makati City 1200
Tel : 758-2589 * 843-4067

I swear your visit will be worth it! πŸ˜‰

Check out Asian Massage’s official website to see their complete list of services and branches.
Click HERE to be directed to their site.
See you on my next post!