Happy Monday, everyone!
This has been in my Drafts folder for more than two days now so I decided to finish it before heading for school today. I’m actually feeling a bit sick – I blame the non-stop change in the weather – lately that I was not able to post the reviews I’ve been meaning to post. Hopefully I get better soon. Aja!

It’s fairly obvious how my skin is the opposite of flawless but I always take comfort from the fact that I only have combination skin and NOT acne-prone. Unfortunately, the unavoidable sleepless night, too much coffee intake and the amount of stress both at home and in school obviously is doing worse to my skin. It makes my skin look dull, rough and uneven in color. My skin needs every bit of help it can get.. ASAP! I mean, what can a vain girl do but to seek the help of almost any product that claims to be useful to my quest for attaining the morena but still radiant-looking skin. Thankfully, devices such as these were invented!

Here’s a quick rundown on my top skincare and grooming tools.

First up, an affordable dupe of the very popular Clarisonic,
Skin Sonic Skincare System 
2 to 3 times a week
What’s it for?
Like I said, Skinsonic is the local counterpart of the Clarisonic. It’s a handheld tool, that’s battery operated, used in cleansing and exfoliating the skin. It comes with cleansing brushes that are two times more effective than manual cleansing, that claims to remove six times more makeup than traditional cleansing. It helps in minimizing white/black heads and buffs away stubborn makeup and dirt residue to unclog pores. As a result, skincare products such as serums and spot treatments are absorbed better. Thus, the increase in their efficacy and overall result.
This is actually one of the first reviews I ever written for this blog – which reminds me, I have to buy new a set of brush heads ASAP!
If you want to know more about this, check out my amature product review on this HERE.
Next, another skincare tool…
Personal Microderm
Once a week
What’s it for?
In a nutshell, the PMD treatment would remove the dull and rough layer of the skin which is always exposed to dirt and the sun. By removing this part of the skin, it also removes the imperfections that are formed on that layer — wrinkles, fine lines, pimple marks, age spots, blemishes and whatnot. Once this layer of dead skin cells are out of the way, our body will naturally create a new layer. Thus promoting new collagen growth and cell renewal.

So with PMD, I can skip my monthly facials and would. no longer have to undergo intensive clinical peeling to remove my pimple marks! Hands down, PMD was my best purchase for 2012! $181 is definitely worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚ The price is a bit much for some but I honestly think that in the long run, I save more than I spent on this tool. *wink
An overview of this product and its uses are posted HERE. As for the result and its efficacy, I’ll be posting a separate entry for that soon.

Last but not the least,

Braun Epilator 3370
What’s it for?
It is used like a razor wherein you just run it through your legs a couple of times until no hair is left in sight but works like a wax as it removes hair including the roots and not just cutting them. So basically the epilator head has tiny SoftLift tips that lifts the hair to an almost 90 degree angle. From here, the tweezer-like metals grab the hair and pull it from their roots. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt much!

This has proven to be very handy for me! I can use it right before I leave the house if I suddenly opt to wear a skirt than a pair for jeans since it doesn’t leave nasty red marks. Also, for a good 2-3 weeks, I can forget my hairy leg problem. LOL!
More details about this epilator HERE.
Which one of the three interests you the most? Based from the previous comments, I’m guessing a lot of you are still curious about the PMD system.:)
Cheers for healthier and flawless skin!