Here comes the sun la lala~ Sun block is essential in our daily routine so what more now that we will deliberately be basking under the sun. For normal days, something with SPF30 would suffice but definitely not when we’re out and about the beach. My minimum requirement has always been SPF50 when going outdoors, just to be safe. Now, SPF that high usually equates to thicker consistency and more obvious white cast. But that ain’t cool. I want my sun blocks to be light but still have enough SPF to protect me from the harmful rays of the sun. Who’s with me?! No one wants to look like a grease ball while hanging out by the beach. Good thing brands have seen this dilemma and they’ve created sun blocks for this.
But wait, why do we even need sun block? Tan is pretty, right? Err.. tan is indeed pretty. What isn’t pretty is skin damage due to UVA and UVB rays. You won’t see the damage it has caused immediately but give it time; soon enough premature age lines, sun spots and even skin cancer would show itself. I bet you wouldn’t want that so don’t be such a lazy a*s and make sure you’re well-protected while you’re enjoying under the sun.

Below is the rundown on my top 5 sunblocks. They’re not arranged in any order since each has their own strength that allowed them to make it to my list. Read through and you might find your perfect match here.. in sun block, that is. *wink!
Cetaphil Daylong Kids SPF50+ (Php1,450from Sample Room
I’m no kid alright but I still decided to get this because I thought, if it’s mild enough for kids then it must be pretty gentle on the skin. As much as I love the fact that I’m getting a lot of product (150mL to be exact), I feel like the packaging maybe a bit too bulky for me. It’s heavy, too, but I’d still carry it with me when I travel because I like how it is rich and light at the same it. It doesn’t take forever to absorb, too. No oily or greasy feeling!
Belo Essentials Sun Expert Face Cover SPF40 (Php329.75) & Belo Essentials Sun Expert Mist SPF50 (Php449.75from Sample Room
Okay, this isn’t cheating. These two Belo Essential products only count as one because they’re essentially the same and while one is used for the body, the other one is for the face. So technically, I only have 5 items on my list. Haha! The mist comes in a spray bottle which allows me to apply it on hard-to-reach areas like my back. And much like the cream, it is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. No white cast or pungent scent as well.
Eau Thermale Avene Cream SPF50 (Php1,600)
This can be a bit thick and heavy when first applied but just give it a few minutes for the skin to absorb. What truly won me over with this is the sole fact that this is perfect for those with hypersensitive skin. Unlike everything else included in this list, Avene is the only dermo-cosmetic. It’s heavier than the other four but it’s still considerable lighter than other sunblocks in the market. It’s infused with tons of skin benefits as well which is a huge plus!
Using the same pea-sized amount, you can see that the Belo Essential Sun Expert Face Cream is the easiest to blend. It’s runnier, too, so a little ready does a long way. All three, however, doesn’t leave a ghastly white cast or greasy film on the skin.
Dermax Professional UV Milk SPF50 & UV Active SPF45 (Php720) from SkinStation
With the advance water-burst technology, this by far the lightest from the bunch. This new sun block comes out like a cream but when spread, the cream turns into tiny water droplets. Now of course water is a lot lighter then cream and it is absorbed a lot faster, too. Dermax really did take the concept of lightweight sun block into a whole new level. 
Although I could also imagine that this type would also be easier to sweat out thus the need to continuous reapply throughout the day.
Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70 (Php450) from Flawless Face and Body Clinic
Another new release. This spray mist is housed in an aerosol can that is perfect for beach outings! It sprays evenly and easily on areas I can’t normally apply sun block on. It feels oily at first but only for a few minutes. When absorbed, it ordinarily becomes lighter. It offers superior SPF protection (SPF70, baby!) and leaves a nice healthy sheen on the skin. Imagine Beyonce’s gleaming bronze legs. Again, perfect for the beach! Downside here is that it cannot be used on the face – even if not applied directly.
To make this post even more interesting, I’m sharing one that didn’t really cut it for me.
Ocean Potion Quick Dry SPF30 Sunscreen
This might be an isolated case but the sample I got was rather dry, thick and grayish. It was terribly difficult to spread and it kinda gave me a pasty gray cast. Very unattractive. 🙁 Again, this might be just because of the sample I got and may very well be different from the actual product (I sure hope so!) but yeah, I certainly didn’t like it. This by far is the worst sun block I’ve tried thus making it to the bottom of my list.
That’s it for my top picks. I hope you see something interesting here. And oh, do check out Kim Possibly Gorgeous‘ Top 5 Sunblocks as well, Sun Essentials: The Only 5 Sunscreen Types You’ll Ever Need. I’m sure you’ll discover more interesting new finds on her list. 🙂 Enjoy the summer season and don’t forget to stay protected!