I hope it’s not yet too late for me to greet all the mothers out there a happy mother’s day but even if I am, I think any day is just as good as any to tell our moms that they’re appreciated and loved. <3 I should’ve posted this before mother’s day as this would’ve been a great treat for your moms – some girl time bonding at the nail spa, now that’s quality time.
Last Friday I discovered a great new place to hang out with your gal pals or even your moms. You’ve probably seen a handful of other bloggers talk about this cool new nail spa & beauty lounge along E. Rodriguez in Quezon City called Make Me Blush. Obviously, it’s a hip new place to get your nails done but it’s actually way more than that – it’s a go-to spa for a day of pampering. They offer a wide range of services perfect to de-stress!

There’s something about Make Me Blush’s retro signage and calm pastel furniture that attracts any fun-loving girls out there to enter the spa’s premises. But that’s not nearly as interesting as the interior of the spa. You’ll see what I mean in a few. πŸ˜‰
It’s understandable why a lot of people are intimidated by nail spas like this. But I assure you, the price range is quite reasonable. Manicures start at Php160 whereas pedicure goes for Php180+. Plus, they have a huge selection of nail polishes from both local and imported brands like Orly, OPI, Essie and even Cuccio. 
The nail area has 2 sides: one with the comfy single sofas and the other has these luxe victorianesque chairs. They’re nothing but pastel – very calming to the eyes. A lot of nail spas now are brightly colored and comfy but I’m truly impressed by the interior of Make Me Blush. All the pieces just mesh together to bring such a luxurious but cozy spa time to its clienteles.
Make Me Blush also offers hair and makeup services. And of course, a very girly space is allotted for it. Behind the reception area is a spacious room divided by a draping curtain and inside it is this gorgeous room. This is my personal favorite – I just love the Cath Kidson-inspired walls and the white frames.
I’ve been looking for this exact wallpaper design for a while now. Well, at least now when I go to Home Depot, I can show them the design I’m looking for. πŸ™‚ That and this enormous well-lit vanity desk is my goal for my new room. The room is just too lovely for words! <3
The place itself is great but what is more important is the expertise of the spa’s nail technicians and therapists. I haven’t had the chance to try out their massages but from seeing the number of clients were willing to wait for it, I’d say it’s pretty relaxing. Maybe I’d go back here when I attend an event around the area just to try the massage. πŸ™‚
Anyway, I had a foot spa and mani-pedi sesh during my first visit so let’s talk about that for now. I’ve had tons of mani-pedi’s from different salons and spas before so I’ll tell you this much; what set Make Me Blush from your regular run-of-the-mill salons are the expertise and the attention for details of their nail technicians.
I have this weird bleeding tendency – not just on the areas around my nails but even my gums! So pedicures prove to be a lot of work but here at Make Me Blush, the pedicure was painless, bloodless and flinch-free! It didn’t even hurt a bit when the ingrown nail was removed.
Case in point; they re-did my entire left hand when they saw that tiny bubbles formed. Another thing, they used only tools of good quality like their “pusher” and nail files. They actually used 3 different nail polishes for this – a light beige base coat to prevent the colored polish from damaging the nail, the light blue Cuccio nail polish that I chose and of course, the transparent top coat to prevent it from chipping and make it last longer. Talk about quality! Oh by the way, I’ve been wearing this polish for 3 days now and still no chipping – I even went trekking and swimming at Panguil Laguna earlier. <3

Oh, did I mention they serve drinks in cute little tea cups for free, too? Yep, that’s right. I got myself a cup of coffee to pump me up for the commute home. I came from the Burt’s Bees event before getting my nails done here and I didn’t bring my car with me so I needed that extra boost of energy to go home, not that the mani-pedi sesh wasn’t energizing. To tell you honestly, it was too relaxing that I wanted to sleep right then and there. HAHA.

Visit Make Me Blush Nail Spa & Beauty Lounge at Hemady Square Unit 303 86 Dona Hemady Street Corner E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City, Philippines or contact them to make a reservation through calling (02) 234 9529. πŸ™‚
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