Hey ladies! As you have probably guessed, I actually have a new brand to introduce to y’all. I’ve been waiting for this package for weeks and the timing could be more perfect! If you must know, a mild breakout on my right cheek started not too long ago so I’m turning to “healthier” skincare and makeup for the time being. This explains why I’m drawn to organic products more recently. Oh boy, you have no idea how giddy I was when the courier finally came to our house and charged me only Php 50 for the customs duties & taxes! How excited was I? Uhm, I started using the brushes, blush and the mechanical pencils immediately after taking the photo below. πŸ™‚
Naked Minerals is U.S. base makeup brand formulated by Kari Romney and Marlene Hoffman. They offer high quality products with absolutely no harmful ingredients added. The entire Naked Minerals line doesn’t just look good on your skin it has ingredients good for your skin. The result is Healthy Beauty. And oh, they have the nicest brand representative, Brandall.

Here’s my crazy loot from Naked Minerals.
Beautiful Brow Kit Deluxe, Mechanical Pencils (Black, Brown & Blonde), 9pc. Professional Brush Set, Foundation Duo (Almond & Caramel), Bronzer Duo, Lipstick in Stunning, Mineral Blush in Just Peachy, Blackout Mascara, Premium Handmade Kabuki and Concealer Brush, Luminous Mineral Highlighter, Lip Glaze and Naked Lips – All Natural Lip Balm.

A little background about the brand, Naked Minerals.

“Naked Minerals wants to bridge the gap between beauty and wellness. We intend to not only to make the skin look beautiful, but assure the products you are putting on your skin can promote a healthier skin. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise.. we provide a pure mineral makeup that has no harmful ingredients added. This is a result of years of research, and is backed by a certificate of purity. The dedication of the Naked Minerals team has led to the development of a mineral makeup that is not only beautiful, and healthy, but considers the lifestyle of today’s consumer adding the element of ease and convenience. Our promise to you is the “Naked Truth”.” – Taken from www.nakedminerals.com
Do give me a couple more weeks to really try everything before writing individual reviews.. and if the good first impression I have on these products last, expect a huge giveaway. It’s just no fun discovering great products/brands if I can’t share them with my readers. <3
For the meantime, get 15% off your purchase by using the code “NM15”!
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