Another thing from my New Year’s Resolution. This 2013, I try to change myself for the better as much as I could possibly can – this also includes striving to be the most beautiful me. And nothing makes me feel more pretty and confident than wearing red. May it be a simple red dress, a killer red pumps, red nails or even just the classic red lipstick; as long as it’s red! The color red is my arsenal of confidence.. my comfort zone. So yeah, that probably explains why I’ve been dying to color my hair red for quite some time now.

And 2013 is my year, baby! *wink

A brilliant red hair for a morena girl like me is apparently not professional-looking, to say the least, so I constantly convince myself that getting my hair colored red would make me look cheap. But this year, given that it’s my last year in college, I mustered all my courage to march to the salon and pick a red color. I mean, it’s now or never for me. If I’m going to color my hair with something in the lines of playful, upbeat and cruh-ay-zeee.. no time is better than now. πŸ™‚ 
Though I have to admit, it was not as wild and bright as expected. Still, I have to commend the one who did my hair because she understood the kind of ombre I was talking about. But we’ll go into the details of the color and result in a bit. πŸ™‚
Let’s do this! Bring it on! 

The hair color looked awfully violet when mixed. I was alarmed to see that it couldn’t be farther from the color I wanted and going violet is not even a choice for me. Nonetheless, I placed my complete and unwavering trust on my hair stylist. She looked like she knows what she was doing so I just let her do her thing.. with a question or two every 20 minutes. LOL! You can’t blame me for being makulit. It’s my hair at stake here! :))
She had to wrap the lower portion with aluminum foil and leave it longer than the other portion to, according to her, make the color more vibrant and to make it pop.

By the way, before I forget, I got my hair done at CUT Salon of Encarnation Group of Salons. It only cost me a little over Php 1000 for the hair color and treatment. Their normal rate for hair coloring is actually cheaper but since my hair was rebonded and chemically treated several times before, I had to go with a milder, more expensive hair color brand. FYI, I was not paid to post this.

And for the final outcome,
*do excuse my haggard face.. been up for more than 26 hours straight when I took this photo. :3*
I picked a deep burgundy red for most part of my hair so that I could still hide the vibrant red on the lower half in case I opt to go for a formal or professional look every once in a while. The reddish brown color flatters my morena skin in a way that no other brown shade could. I still kept my long fringes infront and had them colored with the same rich red shade.. hoping that it would work well with my red-rimmed glasses. Lastly, I went back to sporting side bangs. Yey!
It’s more reddish than brown in person.
This is not the exact color that I imagined but it looks great and it managed to get me tons of compliments ever since the hair color change. LOL! It’s the right mix of cute, sassy and fierce, if you ask me. No doubt, red is my color. I was assured of this fact yet again. <3
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I just hope my lovely red fringes infront won’t wash off. Else, they’ll look like cooper wires sticking on the sides of my ears. :/

UPDATED: Most of the red dye faded and transferred to the towel just after the first wash. So much for being bold and wild. πŸ™

This year, I’m going to be braver in all senses that is. In terms of makeup, hair style, life style and even food. 2013 is my year to embrace changes. <3
How about you? πŸ™‚