Last Tuesday, I was invited to an intimate lunch with the hottest Luke’s in town who, apparently, are also the newest brand ambassadors of Nisce Skin ‘n Face. Like most of the days this summer season, it was scorching hot that day and an event is the perfect excuse for me to go to the mall and chill for a bit. LOL! Plus, I’ve always loved Nisce Skin ‘n Face facial and Dr. Skin Toner (Read review HERE) so there’s no reason for me not to attend the event. 🙂
More than any season, summer is the peak of skin problems especially today that heat seems to scorch more each time you go out. Noticeable high temperature threatens each stroller to spend time outdoors. And not just that for it’s also an opportunity to show off well worked out body or a sexy one, so to speak. 
Common problems these days are sunburn and how to confidently carry yourself in a swimwear showing a little skin when plunging to the beach. Nisce Skin ‘n Face’s brand ambassadors Luke Landrigan and Luke Jickain both give a gist to enjoy lively sun to the fullest.
With Ms. Zsa and Ms. Antoinette discussing the newest and hottest sun block and services from Nisce.
This is a little off topic but let me just say that the food was incredible! Especially the gigantic halo-halo that no one could finish. LOL! I’m definitely bringing BF with me to Eskimo Bob next time we go to Megamall. 🙂
At Eskimo Bob, Megamall Atrium
Nisce Skin ‘n Face Brand Ambassadors, Luke Jickain and Luke Landrigan, talked about their favorite Nisce service/product:
If you’re someone who loves to go out a lot, Nisce’s sun screen is committed to deliver high quality protection and provides nourish to skin. “Nisce’s Superblock SPF 80 is my sports buddy whenever I go surfing and do other under-the-sun activities”, surf champion and Nisce Superblock ambassador, Luke Landrigan shares. He recommends Nisce Superblock for it has (sun protection factor) SPF 80 which means it is advisable for outdoor and prolonged exposure in the sun. Added to the efficiency is its broad spectrum sunscreen which means it reduces the risk of skin cancer and slows down the skin aging process.
Among any other sun protection, Nisce Superblock has the same potency for both face and body so it is convenient. No need to carry extra load in your bag. It’s also waterproof for longer effect. As for Luke, he needs sunscreen that will not wash away easily. What’s more is, it’s non-greasy that means more you won’t be minding sticky feeling and just indulge yourself to summer activities. 
“As a model, I must maintain my well contoured and shaped body. I always make sure I’m getting the right and balanced diet, enough sleep, and a routine of exercise. This lifestyle is hard to sustain that’s why Nisce is helping me out. They have Radio Frequency to care my look”, celebrity model with Filipino-French descent Luke Jickain said. Let’s accept it. Lesser fabric is a trend during summer. But how would you confidently walk to the beach with your swimwear on? It might be a challenge for someone who is hiding heavy load and bulging fats. Will you dare show it off or remain covered? 
It is not a sin for a man to care for how they look especially when your image is at stake. Non-surgical Slimming Radio Frequency Contour is guaranteed safe, painless, and gentle that provides long-term and natural look. It uses high frequency current through the multipolar poles, gradually increasing skin temperature. Radio Frequency effectively increases metabolism and flash out fatty fluids. Some benefits of multipolar RF are, it is non-surgical and non-invasive, and you get to observe immediate visible result after the first session.

After the short serious talk about RF treatment and their new sunblock, there were quick games that made every girl in the room squeal and laugh as the lucky girls in blindfolds try to remove the clips randomly placed all over the guys’ body. HAHA! 
With fellow bloggers Arnie of Raid My Closet, Ana of The Fashionista Commuter, Ms. Earth of Earthlingorgeous, Kath of Dear Kitty Kittie Kath and Bec of My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks.
I truly had loads of fun during the event. The sizzling hot brand ambassadors were more than willing to join the games and my fellow bloggers were just plain fun.. especially Ms. Earth. I never imagined her like that whenever I read her blog. She sounds very demure and proper on her posts but in person, she’s super jolly and kikay. Even Bec.. when I read her blog, I have a feeling she’s going to be a bit of a snob in person but boy was I wrong! She was very friendly and approachable. It was great meeting everyone. Thank you, Ms. Zsa, for the invite and the yummy cupcakes! 🙂
Oh I also brought home a couple of new products from Nisce Skin ‘n Face. I’ll include it in my next haul post. 🙂 Now, stop drooling over the hot Luke’s and I’ll see you on my next post! *wink

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