Last Tuesday, I was invited to Niscenssa Direct Sales Launching which was also my first bloggers’ night. Some of you might know that I only started blogging last summer and I’m really thankful for the downpour of blessings my blog has been receiving. It felt really great to receive an invite to such event. Thank you, Ms. Zsa Salazar for inviting me. 🙂
Bela Padilla as the new face of Nisce Skin ‘N Face
“Niscenssa Direct Sales, the direct selling arm of Nisce Skin ‘n Face, today launched the Niscenssa online store (, the easiest way to shop for Niscenssa products, with their new brand ambassador, actress Bela Padilla.
The Niscenssa online store features the full range of quality Niscenssa Direct skin care products allowing customers to buy at their convenience. Niscenssa products are dermatologist tested and approved and are formulated by Nisce’s world-class research and development team to suit every skin type.”

Niscenssa Products.
Before discussing more about the background of the brand and their products, we were given the time to eat and chat with other bloggers. And by chat I mean take pictures. LOL!
Testing my new camera, IXY. 🙂
 Sorry about the huge glasses. Something’s wrong with my eyes and I can’t wear contact lenses for a while. I really miss wearing my Angel Gray lenses from Dull to Doll. *sad 🙁 
 My boyfriend and I had lunch late so my tummy was full during the event. But I still wanted to taste everything since it was my first time at Secret Recipe so I kinda took small serving of everything.. except the vegetable salad.
Pasta, fish fillet and beef something. LOL!
I think this was mushroom soup? Whatever it’s called, I love it!
What better way to eat and bond with other bloggers than to have Camille Cortez, Are You The Next Big Star finalist, serenade use throughout the course! I’m not really familiar with the show since I seldom watch TV but her voice was just awesome! Oh how I wish I can sing. LOL!
And for dessert, a slice of Secret Recipe’s uber yummy chocolate cake.
Kissed all my diet plans goodbye. LOL!
Now, back to the brand! 😀
Atty. Blaise Nisce discussing the brand’s background.
“As we want to bring beauty within everyone’s reach, we are inspired to break into e-business by opening an online store. Through this, we aim to reach areas where Nisce skin clinics are not available, as well as areas where we do not have enough direct sellers,” said Atty. Blaise Nisce, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Nisce Skin ‘n Face.
Blaise skincare line for men. Can you guess where they got the name? 😀
Niscenssa Direct products range from skincare for men and women, makeup, and insect repellent and are divided into four brand categories –Blaise, Dr.Skin, Nisce, and Niscenssa. The Blaise brand is a unique skincare line specially formulated for men. It has a wide array of products from shaving cream to facial scrub. Dr. Skin product line is formulated for whitening, acne treatment and prevention, and age defying; products under this category range from deodorants to facial creams and lotions. 
Dietary Supplements are also available!
A little Bring Me game to break the ice.
I know online shopping isn’t new to any of us. Nowadays, online shopping is a busy gal’s best friend! Time is money and most of us don’t have the luxury nor the time to walk around the mall pointlessly anymore. Good thing e-commerce was invented! 
Sir Eumir guiding us how to use the site.
Anyway, if you’ve tried shopping at Multiply or Ebay, navigating Niscenssa’s site will be a piece of cake. The site itself is very simple and user-friendly! Just create an account, add to cart all the products you like then proceed to the payment options. Wait for a couple of days and your order will be right outside you doorsteps. It’s that easy!
And by the way, did I mention they are currently offering FREE SHIPPING? Yep, anywhere in the Philippines. 🙂
Ms. Bela sharing her fave Niscenssa products. 
It wouldn’t be a bloggers’ night if I didn’t take pictures with fellow bloggers, right? 🙂
With Ms. Char of Yellow Yum.
I kept looking at her while waiting in line for the food. Ms. Char is super tall and pretty in person. I didn’t know how to approach her, I was sooo shy. I had to muster up all my courage to talk to her. LOL!
With Leanne, one of the writers of When in Manila.
With Aya of Codename Aya.
With Ms. Anagon.
 Don’t you just love her cute ensemble?
Some guests were given free massage before heading home.
And before going home, I just had to take a picture with the new face of Niscenssa, the very pretty Bela Padilla.  
With Ms. Bela Padilla. 🙂
And of course, FREEBIES! I can’t wait to try them out! Thank you again for inviting me!
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