Summer is meant to be enjoyed with bright and vibrant colors. It’s the time when we can get away with incredibly loud and bold choices in lip colors, clothing and even nail polishes! And for the past weeks I’ve been sporting nothing but colorful nails so this time around, I decided to go for a simpler, cleaner-looking nails. Look-y how fresh and elegant my nails are! <3
I generally stay clear of nude nail polishes because I’m afraid it would weird on my dark, manly hands but upon seeing this expensive ($20), unused Estee Lauder Nail Lacquer in my lola‘s dresser, I decided to at least give it a try before it dries up completely. If I’m not mistaken, this has been stocked up in there for more or less a year now. What amazes me is that even after that long, it’s still as good a new! The bottle is a bit scratched up but the nail polish itself is still runny and not at all dry/tacky. 
Estee Lauder in 69 Frozen Fantasy
I’m glad I gave this nail color a chance. It mad my nails look neat and very polished because of its frosty finish. I’ve been wearing this since Tuesday and not a single chip can be seen! It’s important to note that I’ve been washing dishes everyday for the past few days so its lasting power really is commendable. The only other high end nail polish I’ve tried so far is from MAC (Read review HERE) and I can strongly say that Estee Lauder makes way better nail lacquer than MAC. đŸ™‚
Here’s a closer look on my clean-looking nails,

That’s about it for my simple NOTD. What do you think?
I’m resting my brain a little while before I write another extensive review.. LOL!
See you on my next post! <3