French tip is one of my favorite manicure design. It’s easy to do, simple and yet very classy. Plus, it goes along with any outfit since french tip resembles what our nails naturally looks like except more glamorous. But why settle for a simple french tip when we can up the ante by adding a more girly feel to it, right? *wink
I posted this photo yesterday through Instagram (I go by celline08, by the way) and I received overwhelming number of likes and comments asking for a tutorial. So I decided to redo my nails earlier since I have pretty much nothing to do. Yey for class suspension! LOL!

Start off with clean and even nails then brush the tip of your nails with white nail polish to create the french tip. Follow the shape (oval or square) of your nails in doing this. If your line looks kinda jagged, like mine, don’t worry. Just put acetone in the tip of an ear swab and even out the line.

N.Nail Hello Kitty Red Bow Fimo Nail Decoration.
Sooo kawaiii!
I got these from KKcenterHK. I’m not sure what fimo is but these are like rubber nail decorations. You have to cut them first before using. 
TIP: Cut them as thin as possible to avoid making your nails look bulgy. 
For more info about the product, click HERE.

Step 2:
After cutting the nail decor, use any clear nail polish as a glue. Put some in one side of the decor and stick it to your nails. Hold it into place until it dries. Make sure that when you press it on you nail, your finger is clean and dry else it will stick to you finger instead of your nails.

TADAAA! We’re almost finish.
Lastly, just use any black nail polish and a tooth pick to draw on Hello Kitty’s whiskers. Then top it all off with a clear nail polish.

The final look.
Sorry if its a bit messy. I don’t have the steadiest hands πŸ™‚

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