I originally wanted to post this early this morning before I leave the house. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked by the movie Romeo and Juliet on Star Movies that I totally forgot to edit the pictures! Seriously, Leonardo DiCaprio is so freakin’ hot! I could watch that movie over and over again and would still not yawn even one bit. I just love how they incorporated Shakespeare’s old English lines with the new modern Verona setting.
Anyway, while watching the movie for the nth time, I tried out the MAC nail lacquer my tita ninang sent me last summer. I used this once or twice before but I had to remove it right away. Well, not this time. I got to really road test it for an entire day. Yey!
I recently posted a couple of reviews on MAC lipsticks and of course my neglected nails should NOT be left behind from all the glamour! I now own MAC lipsticks, lip glass, foundation, eyeshadows, powder and nail lacquer. So proud of my growing MAC stash. *kilig I still have to get my hands on some blushes and concealer so I could call myself a certified makeup junkie. LOL!

MAC Nail Lacquer costs around $16 per 10mL bottle. The packaging is distinctly different from most nail polishes. It comes in this chubby bottle with a bulky rubber cap. I actually like the rubber cap, it makes it easier to apply and I think it helps lock out air better than the normal packaging because this one takes forever to dry out.

Violet Femme comes off as a vampire-ish violet color from the looks on the bottle but once applied, it is more of a deep burgundy color with hints of gold. Though the hints of gold are not as prominent as they are on the bottle so you don’t have to worry about making your nails too sparkly.
I’m not completely in love with the color though. Personally, I think this particular shade would fit women on their 30’s or 40’s more because the color is a bit too dark for an adventurous 20 year old. 

A little heads up, you probably know by now how impatient I am with my nails and that very so often do I try to clean, shape and color it on my own. What I’m trying to say is that, I apologize in advance for the messy nail polish and uneven shaping. LOL! I’ll keep on practicing until I’m ready to post nail art post regularly. Promise! πŸ™‚

With only ONE layer.
Using TWO layers and a clear glossy top coat.
Not only does the top coat make the polish last longer. It also makes the golden accent from the nail polish look more obvious. See?
Overall, I think $16 for a nail polish is just waaaay too expensive for me. Talk about going overboard! I could convince myself to shell out $15 every once in a while for a tube of MAC lipstick but definitely not for a nail polish. Heck, KISS New York nail lacquer lasts longer than this. Good thing I got this one for free. Else I’d be kicking myself for weeks for wasting money. LOL!

Ever tried nail lacquer from MAC before? What do you think?
And hey, how’s your Friday night going? πŸ™‚
See you on my next post, ladies.