I’ve never been one for nail arts. I do appreciate them especially the ombre nails but I just don’t have the patience, not to mention the artistic sense, to do it on my nails. So the most I can do is maybe to alternate solid colors or add a sticker or two. LOL! In all cases, let me just share my Nail of the Day before I head out to ship out the prizes from my previous giveaways. πŸ™‚

I instantly fell inlove with this Etude House pastel pink nail polish. I actually wore it for 2 weeks straight! Whenever it chips, I just cover it up with another layer. LOL! But eventually, it got boring so I used the China Glaze nail polish I got from Ms. Jheng of IamBrigitte to add a little oomph to my lifeless nail color. I’m genuinely impressed by the brand China Glaze as a whole. When I first saw that it was a glitter-y type of nail polish, I was expecting it to have minimal glitters and full of clear nail polish like all other glitter polishes I’ve tried before. To my surprise, every swipe of the nail polish brush was filled with glitters and almost no visible clear polish! So awesome! Clearly justifies why a bottle costs more than Php 300.

I’ve seen several online celebrities sporting this kind of look for their nails — nail on ring finger painted with a slightly different and upbeat polish. I like it. It still looks simple but with a little twist. All thanks to the red, green and gold glitters which made it look almost Christmas-y.
What do you think of my poor attempt to switching up my normal, boring nail color? πŸ™‚

That’s it for now! Hopefully I can post a couple more within the day.
See you on my next post, lovelies! πŸ™‚
Hopefully my next post would be about my birthday celebration last weekend. *wink

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