When I study late into the night, I like doing things that would prevent me from getting cozy with my bed like applying on my favorite hair masque, Biolage Hydra Creme, and then wrapping my hair with a shower cap – then I would have absolutely no choice but to sit and study for the next half an hour. Another thing I like doing is putting on nail polish while I recite whatever that is I just memorized. This second trick of mine even works both ways because I would be forced to study for the next hour or until my nail polish dries up completely. Uhhh.. I guess you could say that I have weird study habits. HAHA!
Product Description:
(Taken from www.revlon.com)
Color Stay Nail Color formula is fortified with unique ingredients that provide high impact color and gel-like shine in fashion forward range of shades and finishes. This technology is based on a unique combination of resin and high molecular weight polymers designed to provide flexible, shatterproof color with excellent color retention and gloss.
Honestly, I initially didn’t like the shades I got as I usually go for red and blue shades whenever I have my nails done. I thought of giving these away, actually – I wouldn’t even have half-a-mind to pick these shades up if I came across them in a department store. But one night I got so bored I decided to give French Toast (photo above) a go and what do you know, it actually made my hands look whiter in contrast. Plus the brilliant blue and silver sparkles give the dark brown shade an interesting twist. It doesn’t make the nail polish look flashy at any rate ‘coz the tiny glitter particles are only noticeable up close – just enough to give it life and a bit of oomph. Another likely favorite is this pale lavender, almost grayish from afar, color in Provence (photo below). I was expecting it to wash me off or at the very least, look off on me. Well, I guess not. It’s very wearable and refreshing to the eyes. 🙂
First thing I noticed when I used Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamel for the first time was that the brush applicator is flatter than your regular brushes. This makes it easier to apply the polish more evenly as it reaches the corners without any fuss. They dry up faster than other regular nail polishes as well.
Next to the awesomeness of gel nail polish, Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel is definitely a close second. It stays on for days without chipping – longest was about 10 days. Mind you, I regularly do the dished and my laundry in those 10 days so that says A LOT about these nail polishes durability. For regular nail polishes, even including Orly and Essie, Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamel is the king. No doubt about that! <3 I personally find Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamel to be a bit expensive at Php325 but come to think of it, they’re worth every cent.. for me, at least. I don’t have the luxury of hanging out in nail salons every weekend now that I’m reviewing for the board exams so a long-wearing nail polish is a must.
Price: Php 325 each
Available at: Revlon Counters at Watsons and Other Leading Department Stores
I got mine from my May BDJ Box. See my unboxing post HERE.
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