I’ve been getting addicted to dresses lately and I don’t know if it’s the summer heat or the fact that I was forced to shop for dresses for weeks looking for the perfect graduation dress. Anyway, I haven’t been wearing pants a lot this summer. I just hate the sticky icky feeling of the pants against my skin when I start to sweat. Ewww! So yeah, unless I really have to, I rarely wear pants now.
I actually bought this dress the same time I got the Embroidered Dress I wore on my last outfit post. Attendees of the Burt’s Bees Daisy White Event (Read more about it HERE) a couple of weeks ago were asked to wear white but seeing as that I don’t have any all-white dresses in my wardrobe, I went with this flowy, tribal-ish dress instead. It has this creme colored section in the middle so this would have to do. Plus, the pattern looked great with the daisy flower crown from the event – I looked like a hippie. HAHA <3

Dress from Hip Culture
 Watch from La Mer
 Duffel Bag from Nine West
 Shades from River Island
Sandals from CLN
 I got so much lovin’ from my last outfit post that I decided to post this as well. If you haven’t seen my “Out Of Character” post, see it HERE. Fashion blogging is not something I want to venture on seriously – I’m just in the mood to dress up these past few days so we’ll see where this goes. Again, thank you so so much for your support, encouraging words and improving tolerance of my awkwardness. HAHA. <3