Summer means beach hopping and bikini season for most girls but for someone like me, summer is the time of the year when I can finally get away from the crowd and just lay in bed at home with a good book in hand. I’m not socially impaired – a little bit awkward at times – but that’s just how I choose to relax. Another thing I plan on doing this summer is to treat myself to a couple of good “me time” sessions before review school starts. I know I won’t have much time for myself when the October board exam draws closer.
What better way to start my commitment to self-wellness this summer than frequenting a promising new derm clinic that recently opened in the Metro! What am I referring to exactly? You’ve probably seen this on my social media accounts; I’m talking about Dr. CRB Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, of course. They’re still on their soft opening so you probably haven’t heard of them but hey, that’s what I’m here for. πŸ™‚
Here’s a quick background about the brand: Before it became renowned, Dr. CRB Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, formerly known as CRB Derm Center, was established in 1995 as a Dermatology Clinic and has eventually grown into a full-service Face, Body and Anti-Aging Center. CRB is founded, owned and headed by Dr. Cecilia R. Bernad, an established cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist based in Cebu City. She believes in making her patients look as naturally beautiful as possible, while getting the results they desire. CRB has now grown into an Aesthetic & Laser Clinic with three full service branches and a subsidiary company, Skinplicity, which focuses more on facials, whitening and slimming. 

A quick tour of their newly opened branch in The Fort. Upon entering the clinic, I was greeted by a warm-lit reception area with equally warm staff. I know we visit derm clinics for their services but having nice people around to greet and accommodate clients are always a huge step to building a good relationship with them. Adjacent to the reception area is a modern but cozy lounge. What caught my eyes immediately after being shown to the lounge was the orange chair that looks like a daisy. The space is very welcoming, to say the least.
Around the back of the reception area are different rooms and stations. Photo below is the hallway separating the facial and treatment rooms. I’ve only been to one room for all my treatments and it’s divided by thick draping curtains. The space itself is just enough for the therapists to move around. It keeps the warm and tranquil vibe of the clinic. The clinic is still new so no worries about it being too crowded.
If I’m not mistaken, (the photo below) is the Botox and filler room. I like how it oversees the busy city below and how natural light comes in from the huge glass thus making the room look fresh but still totally modern.
Dr. CRB also has in-house doctors for consultation. And even those consultation rooms are not spared from the contemporary modern layout that gives Dr. CRB its laidback but still professional feel.
I was initially invited to visit Dr. CRB to try their Ultrasonic Facial. I know it sounds sci-fi-ish but it’s actually not. What Ultrasonic Facial basically does is that it uses a low-frequency ultrasonic vibration to deeply penetrate the skin and ultimately remove deep seeded dirt without the painful pricking. Simply put, it’s you basic regular facial minus all the pain and redness brought about by the pricking. Ah, the dream.
Like usual facials go, my Ultrasonic Facial Treatment (Php 1,500) started by gently removing my makeup using a soft facial sponge. I instantly fell in love with their cleanser, C-Cleanse! Remember how much I raved about Shiseido Ibuki Cleanser? Well, I think C-Cleanse has the potential to kick that one to the curb. My skin felt smooth and supple in an instant. Believe me, if they had that on stock, I would’ve bought it right then and there. And oh, I heard Dr. Bernad is also currently developing a product line that will debut mid-year. Now that’s something to look forward to.
After cleansing the face, the usual procedures follow but like I said, there was no pricking. Caci Ultra, the machine used for the Ultrasonic Facial, comes with a metal paddle attached on the end. It has several frequency settings depending on the client’s skin and/or preference, I guess. The therapist ran the metal paddle across my face several times and then following it with cotton pad to remove the dirt. The facial was ended with a cool mask brushed on my face. It was that simple and painless that I had doubts about how effective it can really be. Eh. My doubts were slammed when I saw my nose after the facial. You’ll see what I mean in a bit. πŸ™‚
As I’ve read from an article on Ultrasonic Facial Treatments, it is recommended for all skin types, but has shown remarkable results for those with skin problems or acne because the machine works deeply into the skin, allowing deeper cleaning.
 The whole facial treatment took less than an hour and because there weren’t any pricking, there were also no redness and spotting. There was no downtime afterwards that I even had the guts to go window shopping after my visit at Dr. CRB.
Ms. May asked me if I was willing to try the RF Treatment after my facial and since I had nothing to do after the session, I said yes. Duh! So after my Ultrasonic Facial, the therapists rolled in another machine – this time, for the RF treatment. The machine used for the RF treatment after my facial was aptly named. Like the first machine, Reshape PRO has different settings depending on the target body part. The temperature is constant at 40 degrees but the power varies – 70W for the face, 100W for the arms and 120-130W for the tummy area. It has a gun-shaped tool with what appears to be a roller on the tip. A little bit of oil was applied on my face before proceeding with the treatment to help the tool glide on the skin better.
 To tell you honestly, I was pretty nervous at first. I mean, we are literally applying intense heat here and ON MY FACE. I’m not being irrational but if something did go wrong, I don’t think I can hide it not like when it happens on some other part of my body that’s easily concealed. But that fear was short-lived. When the treatment started, there were several therapists huddling over me. As it turns out, they were actually assisting the one rolling the device over and around my face by constantly monitoring the temperature. With that many people checking on it, I had no more reason to be bothered. I knew I was safe on their capable hands.
 Overall, there was a slight discomfort during as the heat was being applied but it was tolerable – no serious pain, of course. After the RF treatment, my face felt hot as if I just had a fever. Although it was nothing to be worried about as they assured me that it was normal and that it meant that the treatment was working. The heat was strategically applied on areas where the fats should be melted to achieve sharper facial features. Again, you’ll see what I mean in a minute. πŸ™‚
 My awkward face while getting my facial (photo on the left) and my first ever RF treatment (photo on the right). I’m telling you, taking selfies while getting your face done is not as easy as it looks. I just wanted you to see how I just lay there for my painless and fuss-free treatments. Plus you have to give me credit for the awesome winged liner on the first photo. πŸ˜€ I just had to emphasize this: for both treatments, there was no downtime. I could head straight to an event after.
Remember my rants about facials during my early blog years? I have grown to withstand the pricking but that doesn’t mean I love it – I’d like to think my threshold for pain improved over the years. If only I discovered this sooner; I could’ve spared myself all the years of pain. HAHA! 

Now for the big question: DID IT WORK?

Below is a “before and after” photo of my nose. I don’t normally get pimples but my nose area accumulates blackheads like crazy! Look, the painless ultrasonic facial was indeed effective in removing them! I’d like to say it’s more effective than the usual facials I get but I think I’m being biased just because this one’s painless but still as effective. At any rate, I’d pick UltraSonic Facial over traditional facials anytime.
Okay, I have to apologize for the poor quality photo below but you see, I was told that there is hardly any noticeable result from the first session so I didn’t bother documenting the progress. But when I got home, I decided to take a good ‘ol selfie using the front camera of my phone just to see how good my skin looks after the facial. I saw changes specifically on the cheek area so out of whim I placed the photo I took right before the RF treatment next to the one I just took. Ta-da!

Unless you memorize every inch of your face, you really won’t see the difference but for a vain girl like myself.. err. you know where I’m going with this, right? *wink! You can see from the photo above that my cheek bones became more prominent, jaw line and chin is slightly sharper and my favorite, less noticeable double chin. All that from a single RF session using Reshape PRO. Nothing but the best! I’ve been going to Dr. CRB for weeks now for my arms. I’ll tell/show you more about it after a couple more sessions. But so far, so good. πŸ˜€
P.S. You know I don’t Photoshop my pictures. Mostly because I lack the needed technical skill (and possibly the common sense) to use such software. HAHA! 
It’s always a joy visiting their clinic in The Fort. Aside from the lovely interior and high-quality treatments, the therapists are just as friendly and accommodating as it could get. Being young, I usually get intimidated by places like this but not here – the environment was comfy. Thank you Ms. May for the incredible service. Now I have to start saving up for the skincare products. <3
Visit their new branch at The Trade & Financial Tower 32nd St. corner 7th Ave. Bonifacio Global City
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